Words and music by Bill Staines, © 2012 by Mineral River Music, BMI

Soft shadows drift across the river.
They've come to claim the fading light.
And every hour is gone forever,
All washed away into the night.

Where is the dream we danced in clover?
Where is the time, it's all gone past?
Where is the song that was never over?
It lingered on until the last.

Come follow me into the sunrise,
And we will climb across the old skies,
And fly away until the day dies,
Then come to rest upon a symphony of gold.

I sit alone with thoughts unspoken,
I fill my glass up to the brim.
I write the words with phrases broken,
To all the memories, old and dim.

Come follow me…

Somewhere, some place, there is no sorrow,
No weary words to dull the day,
Along some road, beyond tomorrow,
Above the wind, so far away.

Come follow me…

Come follow me…