Words and music by Bill Staines. ©2012 by Mineral River Music, BMI

She lived a life next to the water, we stood there side by side.
A salty soul, a sailors daughter, we told the time by tides,

From every breeze that passed above us, the weather she could tell,
The morning mists, the foggy covers, she knew them all so well,

Down the road, Down the road to Rustico,
By the sea, I know she's waiting by the sea,

There was a time we walked together, 'neath rusty cliffs above,
The island breezes tossed the heather and all we knew was love.

Down the road...

But all our dreams it seems were haunted, and time took me away,
From every thing lever wanted, but now I'm back today.

Down the road...

Down the road...