Love Was Easy

By Paul MacNeil © 1970 Warner Bros. Music Corp (ASCAP)

I wish I could say love was easy.
     such an easy word to say.
Cause once I gave easy, love was easy,
     oh so easy to give away.

Love sailed across the setting sun,
     a black raven on the wing
The earth and sky and 1 were one
     as my soul began to sing
Even the brilliant stars by night
     were easily outdone
The scarlet colors of my own love-
     by someone else were won,
Such is the story of my one true love.

Memory is a tombstone,
     a heavy tombstone marks you're alone
And the ghost of love, it lives.
Haunted, if I should go there. I'm so alone there,
Knowing there's no love to give.

Love sailed............