Louisiana Storm

(words and music by Bill Staines, © Mineral River Music, BMI)

This old muddy water's been rising,
The levee's gone and broken down,
The snakes and the 'gators and the muskrats too,
Well they're headed for higher ground.

Have you ever seen a stream go crazy,
I'll tell you boys, it ain't no fun,
You've got mud, you've got silt, you've got danger everywhere,
And the water don't know which way to run.

Send the sunshine down, down on Louisiana,
Send the sunshine down and let it dry up all of the rain.

Along comes Billy in a rowboat,
A rowboat built for two,
But he's got a woman, he's got a child and he's got an old black man,
And they're about sinking down but what can we do

People find it hard to believe,
Some are cursing out up at the sky,
And this fella, he's looking for his family dog,
And some are hanging their heads to cry.

Send the sunshine down………

People been stiking together,
The water's been rising all day,
Some are breaking their backs on those sand filled sacks,
And some are bowing their heads to pray.

If I ever live to be a hundred,
Oh, you know that I'll remember well,
That one time in my life, well I'd seen enough water
To put out all of the fires in hell.

Send the sunshine down……..