Words and music by Mason Daring,
© Universal Music Corporation, ASCAP

Oh, heavens may shake and the oceans may roll,
Mountains may shatter but never the soul.
For as constant as the northern star,
and truer than the truth by far,
Is the simple act of love.

Like a lightship tossing on a raging sea,
Keeping eyes upon the world to be,
Saying "Dear Lord keep my lantern bright,
For the ones I love are adrift tonight."

Like a bottle washing up upon the shore,
Bearing messages from a distant war,
Saying "Save our souls and give us peace,
For what we send, we shall receive."

We are senders of the messages we read,
And we are keepers of the very air we breathe.

OhFor heavens may shake…

As a desperado in a driving rain,
Sees the lights of home on a distant plain,
There will always be within our souls,
The need to find the way back home,

We are riders on a cold and lonely plain,
And we are looking for a way back home again.

OhFor heavens may shake…

OhFor heavens may shake…