Fill My Thirst

Oh, Lord fill my thirst,
For a love that grows sweeter with time.
Open my heart to the light in her eyes as they shine,
Give me to her as a true gift of her love defined,
And make us a life that will ripen like fruit on the vine.

Lord, fill my days with freedom to be what I feel,
And to say what I may, just as what I say is real,
Give me the strength to be true to my own ideals,
And the wisdom to wait 'til I know what each moment reveals.

Lord, fill my purse with only the coins that I need,
Teach me to give and never to suffer from greed.
For as I let it go, it flows like a log jam that's freed,
Like a farmer who sows has an endless supply of new seed.

Lord, fill my life with the peace that I know why I'm here.
Keep my mind free from distractions of worry and fear.
Life is so easy to see when I keep my head clear,
Lord, give me one chance and I'll show that I'm deeply sincere.

Words and music by Doug Clegg,
Cleggyolk Music/ASCAP