Child of Mine

Child of mine, you are the wildest wind
And the dearest dream I will ever know.
Love's lasting light shines out from deep
Within this father's heart as I watch you grow.

Child of mine, you are the break of dawn
and the brightest star I will ever know
Love's lasting light comes shining on and on
From this mother's heart as I watch you grow.

There is a road, and that road is all your own
But we are here, you need not walk alone.
To face, not fear each coming new unknown
Is the way to lift your wings.

Child of mine, you are the sweetest song
And the greatest gift I will ever know.

Child of mine, where spirits fly above
There is but one that belongs to you.
So let it grow and it will thrive on love
For it is love that sees us through.

You have hands that will open up the doors,
You may have the hopes this world is waiting for,
You are my own, but you are so much more
You are tomorrow on the wing, child of mine.

Words and music by Bill Staines,
1992 Mineral River Music/BMI) (administered by BUG Music.)