Words and music by Bill Staines, ©2012 by Mineral River Music, BMI

There is singing in the wind and it is a day for dancing,
As you gather with your friends, at this flaming hour of fancy,
Setting out to find a future place in a love where you belong,
We've traveled over time and space, and are with you in this song.

We are here with you, we are near with you
And in spirit, we are one,
Standing by your side with a parent's pride for a daughter and a son.

Oh, the years have rolled away, and the world has turned in pausing,
Still we bless thin golden day, and this moment everlasting,
Life's memories of younger years remain forever strong.
They stand as silent souvenirs, and with love, we pass them on.

We are here with you…

So now it's come to this, as we watch from just above you,
And on the breeze a kiss, to remind you that we love you.
May all your troubles fly away, awash out in the blue,
And together on your journey now, may all your steps be true.

We are here with you…