Buffy's Quality Cafe

Well, you just got in from workin'
That old night shift's cold and long.
Come sit yourself down at the counter
While we rustle you up a song.
You look like you could use just a little "Hello"
Or a warm and friendly smile.
Well, they're a specialty here "On the house, No charge,"
We believe in country style.

Now, there's railroad people from the north yards,
And business folks from town.
There are waitresses talking at the tables
"Will someone pass the salt on down".
There's the hustle and bustle outside the window
as the wild old world goes by,
But here we take a little time for the chili,
And that good old chicken fry.

Chorus: So feast your eyes on the cakes and pies,
Taste the flavor of delight,
And have yourself some good, good coffee,
It'll turn your world 'round right.
When you're out and you're lookin' for down home cookin'
Well, you won't have far to stray.
There's a star on the edge of Fort Worth,
Buffy's Quality Cafe

Now, Buffy, she runs the business
And she knows just what to do
For no customer there's a stranger,
Though some are just passing through.
Some come in every morning,
Some are loud and some are shy,
Still she sees them all ad family
Through the twinkle in her eye.


We've got meat and potatoes and chicken fried steak,
We've home made coconut cream,
We've got fresh fruit flavors of flapjacks.
Oh, you'll think you're in a dream.
So where the moose looks down from the heavens,
And the bobcat stares above,
You'll find that big old flavor of Texas,
Served up with a little love.


Words and music by Bill Staines,
1991 Mineral River Music/BMI) (administered by BUG Music.)