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Looking for the Wind

Liner Notes




As landings go, it wasn't anything great, but it was my landing. Considering the number of langings made daily, what with birds, insects, and those people who really know how to fly, it wasn't even remotely important -- except to me.

That touchdown, that controlled reuniting with the earth was the completion of the first step of an adventure, a yearning that has followed me since I was very young. What better way to rekindle a passion for life than to fall in love with a dream and allow it to come true. The unfortunate way with so many dreams is that, although they are longed for and sought after, they remain, for whatever reason, on the other side of some closed door. It is up to the dreamer then to to find the way, to reach out and bring that dream through the door and hold it close to his or her heart. That is the power; that is the passion; that is the motion that keeps us alive within ourselves.

When I was a small boy, I built a model of Superman's S5 Racer. "The Shark on Banana Skis" it was called and it hung in my room for some years until the string from which it dangled broke and it came crashing to the floor. I hadn't thought of that plane in years when, one evening at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, I heard Archie Fisher sing his song about Bill Hosie and his plane. Bill Hosie fulfilling his dream of rebuilding an S5. Unfortunately Bill doesn't make it through the end of the song but sometimes the fire in our dreams is all too quick to consume.

I heard Anne Reed's song "Every Long Journey" on a National Public Radio interview. The song was written for Anne Bancroft, the first woman to go to the North Pole by dog sled as part of the Steger International Polar Expedition. For me, the song is for all explorers and for all those who make their own paths through life, sometimes placing ourselves on the fine edge of existence.

"Song for Tingmissartoq" is my tribute to Charles Lindberg. Their pioneering flights of the 1930's in the "Tingmissartoq" went a long way toward the establishment of international air routes for then fledgling commercial aviation. By the Way, "Tingmissartoq" is Eskimo for "One That Flies Like a Big Bird." Anne Morrow Lindberg chronicled these flights in two books that she wrote entitled "North To The Orient" and "Listen, The Wind." It struck me how many of us in our lives look look to that very same wind, the same wind that lifted the "Tingmissartoq" to provide us with enough lift to change things or to move on.

This is my eighteenth recording. It was recorded in Texas at Loma Ranch Studios with Brian Wood as producer and John Hill as engineer. I thank all the musicians for their talent (you were all great). I thank all those who believe in and have faith in my music and I thank all those who live their lives in verbs for you will always be a true inspiration.

Bill Staines
Somewhere over Lake Huron

Produced by Brian Wood for Woodworks Productions
Executive Producer - Bob Feldman
Album Concept - Bill Staines

Recorded and mixed by John Hall between May 28th and June 8th, 1995 at Loma Ranch Studios, Fredricksburg, TX
Mastered by David Glasser/Airshow, Springfield, VA
Photography by Irene Young
Layout and design by Linda Beavais

Many thanks to all of the musicians and friends involved in this project - especailly to Brian Wood, John and Laurie Hill, and to Bob Feldman for keeping the faith


Bill Staines - lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer, harmony
Brian Wood - guitar, banjo, high string guitar
Randy Glines - bass, harmonica
Gene Elders - violins
Frank Kammerdiener - cello
David Webb - piano
Riley Osborn - piano (Where Does Love Go)
Arty Passes - pedal steel
Chuck Pyle - guitar
Mickie Merkens - background & harmony vocals
John "Loma" Hill - harmony vocals

String Arrangements on "Ceiling Unlimited" and "Where Does Love Go" by Bill Staines.

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