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Bill Staines

One More River
More songs for Kids, Cars, and Campfires

Liner Notes

One More River
(A Few Notes)

The world of folk music has been my life for many years. I have been one of those fortunate souls who have made their way in that life singing the songs that mean the most to me. Many or the songs I have created myself, some have been around for hundreds of years, but in the end what really matters is that those songs, the music itself, and the feelings within, be shared with others.

"One More River" is a gathering of friends, old musician friends and old song friends. I have worked with the players on this recording many times over the years and it is always a joy to sit down with them and play the music. It is a song in their hearts as it is in mine and we can feel that connection when we play together.

The songs on this album are also old friends. I have known many of these songs since I was a child singing myself to sleep. They have become part of the folk tradition. These songs, this tradition, they have always been important to me. Even as a contemporary songwriter, I have tried to draw upon the roots of life and the roots of that music tradition for my songs. It is in these roots tat you will find the heart of the music. Songs like "The Ash Grove" and "The Riddle Song" are the musical foundation pieces for so many others that have come after them. Songs like "My Grandfather's Clock" and "Ol' Blue" tell wonderful stories of life we hear and live every day.

I love singing these old songs foe they are a part of the tapestry, a part of the spirit of us all.

My thanks go to my friends at Red House Records for their support, to all of the talented musicians who played on this recording, to my son, Bowen, for his voice on "One More River," to Larry Luddecke at Straight Up Music, and to all of those around me who put the music in my life.

Bill Staines
New Hampshire, November 1997

The Musicians

Bill Staines - vocals, guitar banjo, second keyboard
Guy Van Duser - guitar, electric guitar
Mike Walsh - bass
Larry Luddecke - organ, piano, chimes
Billy Novick - Alto sax, clarinet, penny whistle
Stuart Schulman - violin
Stingy Lapelle - congas
Bowen Staines - background vocals on "One More River"

Technical Credits

Recorded and mixed by Larry Luddecke, Straight Up Music, Arlington, VA
Mastered by Airshow, Inc., Springfield, VA
Produced by Bill Staines
Executive Producer - Bob Feldman
Album Concept - Bill Staines
Layout and Design - Schwartz Powell Design
Photography - Karen Elrod Staines & Irene Young

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P. O. Box 4044
St Paul, MN 55104
All Rights Reserved.
RHR CD 111

The Songs

Less of Me
Words and music by Glen Campbell,
Đ Beechwood Music/BMI

The Fox

The Riddle Song

Leatherwing Bat

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit

Mole in the Ground

So Sang the River
Words and music by Bill Staines,
Đ Mineral River Music/BMI

The Ash Grove

One More River

Ol' Blue

My Grandfather's Clock
Henry Clay Work

A Song of Peace
Jean Sibelius - Lloyd Stone

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