Sorry for the Rain
A Debut CD by Bowen Staines

Sorry for the Rain cover

The Songs

  1. Endless Rain
  2. Holes in Heaven
  3. Sorry for the Rain
  4. The Poet
  5. John Tyrone
  6. The Sailor (Make-Believe)
  7. Friend of Mine
  8. River Street
  9. The World Falls Down
  10. Someday
  11. I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Some Notes

The songs on this CD are very special to me—they chronicle my life, the things most important to me, and the people I'm closest to; they recount experiences I've shared with friends and family, places I've visited, and unexpected twists my life has taken. Sometimes I speak better through my lyrics than I do in person, which is why my music focuses on the more honest, simple sides of my life. Within this music, you will find my joy, sorrow, heartbreak, and hopefully the inspiration to sit down on a rainy afternoon and write a song of your own.
—Bowen Staines

Thank You!

Bowen Staines wishes to thank the following:
Bill and Karen Staines, Ville Valo, Larry Luddecke, Aengus Finnan, Ford Natirboff and A. D. D., James Paonessa, Andrew McClelland, Justin Downing, Joseph Volpe, Matthew Hancock, Viking Beer, The city of Reykjavik - Iceland, Olafur Ingi, Nate Davis, Nancy Elrod, Deloris White, Kent Allyn, Chip Harding. The Helsinki Vampires, Mikko Lindstrom, Ben Gibbard, Ryan Sylvester, and Billy Idol.

A very special thanks to my friends in Iceland for inspiring the song "Endless Rain."


Produced by Bowen Staines
Mixed by Bowen Staines and Larry Luddecke
Recorded by Larry Luddecke at Straight Up Studios, Arlington, MA, and by Bowen Staines in Savannah, GA .
Album Art by Bowen Staines
Still Photography by Bowen Staines, James Paonessa, and Karen Staines.
Cover photo taken in Vik, Iceland by Bowen Staines
All songs by Bowen Staines © 2007 by Mineral River Music, BMI, except track 5 © Jenny Whiteley, BMI, and track 11 by Ben Gibbard © BMI Blackwood Music, Inc / Where I'm Coming From Music BMI

Bowen Staines Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Synth
Additional Piano and Keyboards by Larry Luddecke

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