Words and music by Bill Staines, © 2012 by Mineral River Music, BMI

I have come to know the beat of an almost silent sound,
Like a clock that's winding low as it's hands go 'round and 'round,
And I have come to know the music in the rush of whispering wings.
It's the song of quiet passing, and the Sound of everything.

So build me up a fire, and take me by the hand,
And I will dance like no tomorrow, to a light and lively band,
And go stepping to the stars, and go spinning in the air,
As if I never felt a shadow, or I never had a care.

So build me up a fire…

For every closing of a day, there is a rising of the sun,
For every race that comes to end, there is another to be run,
For every bird that goes to land, there is another taking flight,
And for every dark and stormy place, there is another filled with light.

So when all the music's done, and time is at an end
Then I will turn unto the morning and take the trail around the bend,
And walk the winding way, and ride the rising road,
And if I come to need an angel, one will be there for me, I know.

So when all the music's done…