Words and music by till Staines, © 2012 by Mineral Riser Music, BMI

Beneath some lucky star, I picked up an old guitar,
And it seemed to know the music of my soul.
And day by day on end, that guitar became a friend,
And I took it with me everywhere I'd go.

Now from that distant dawn, we were carried by a song,
And lifted up when things went wrong along the way,
And in the lateness of the night as the music lofted lightly,
All the darkness of the hours turned into day.

And I remember the blossoming of spring
When we came together, and everyone would sing,
And the melodies were fine, they hung sweet upon the vine,
And the time was young and kind along the road.

And I remember the whisky and the wine,
In the green of summer, when love was, oh, so kind,
And the world turned 'round, you know,
But that turning was much slower then,
And there was time ahead along the road.

And I remember the whisky and the wine,
In soft September when it all was just a rhyme,
Now there's season in the song, that old river rolls along,
And I ask where time has gone along the road.

Now winter's on it's way, I can feel it every day,
Still there's so much left to say that's worth the while.
That guitar has seen the wear, still it plays without a care,
And with all we've had to share, I have to smile.

And I'll remember the whisky and the wine,
From deep December, when the snow is in the pines.
Some have come and some have gone,
still we keep on keeping on,
Always thankful for the time along the road.