Flying Time

Linda Waterfall

P.O. Box 31435
Seattle, WA 98103

A Review for The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
By Mark Horn

Here is your opportunity to hear the current state of the art for singer-songwriters with a woman's point of view. "Flying Time" is a marvelous blend of many of the essential elements of Linda's personality; thoughtful lyrics that never take themselves too seriously. Its this ability to say something meaningful while having fun that endears Linda to everyone she meets. Finally, it is the ability to display a very spiritual nature which is firmly rooted in the real world.

Like the Taoist yin and yang, "Flying Time" flows from songs that tell a story or describe events to songs that convey ideas and exalt the spirit. Those who are either concrete thinkers or into heavy abstraction may find this blend a bit disconcerting. The title of the last song, "Balance," truly expresses the theme of the album.

Talk about range of styles; "Mother's Love" is a gritty delta blues that captures classic the mother daughter conflict in a powerful and compelling manner. "Away Ye Merry Lassies," on the other hand, is a rowdiest romp and the only cut not written by Waterfall. It is a spirited song about "the girl's night out," and will send you dancing around the room and scurrying for your broom.

Linda Waterfall is well known for her work with children in the public schools. "Tree" is a song composed by the Linda and Maple Elementary 5th Graders. Like much of her work, it exists on several levels. Tree is an innocent child's song, at the same time asking profound questions about nature's very essence.

The most spiritual and warmest cut is "Om Kara Shiva," a song based on a popular Hindi goddess. It is likely to become the song that you throw on the moment you arrive home from work. There is no better way to unwind after a stressful day than to let this hymn of universal harmony carry you off to a quieter, more peaceful place.


Most musicians opt to have someone else produce their album, but then there aren't many people who have Linda Waterfall's experience and talent as a record producer. She has the one or the most respected ear in the folk community. The arrangements, choices for backup, and mixing on this record are testament to her exquisite taste.

This is not a flashy album, there are no gimmicks, smoke or mirrors. "Flying Time" is an album for those who respect contemporary song writing. In short, it is a songwriters album. If you want to see what other women singer-songwriters are trying to do with their craft, get this album.

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