Open Doors and Windows

David Mallett

(Flying Fish 291)

Review for Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark Horn, host
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

What can be said about an album reissue that someone else hasn't said eleven years ago? Who cares! This was an amazing album when it was first released and has held its age much better than the reviewer.

Many people will be buying "Open Doors..." to replace their badly worn LPs, others because they have come to folk music fairly recently. Whatever the reason, this album will find its way under many a Christmas tree this season. Don't get me wrong there are several mediocre cuts on this album, but Ted Williams would have killed to have David Mallett's batting average.

If you aren't moved by "Thanks to Mother Mercy," check to see if you still have a pulse. Growing up in the midwest, I lived "This Little Town," and probably still do. I've only read about the past and can't begin to tell you what will happen in the future, but this song hits today squarely on the head like few others. "I've Been Around" is a touching love song that could easily become your special song. One and two and, grab you partner because "Milly, There's a Dance in Town" where Mallett sings, "Milly there's a moon tonight, a golden burning moon tonight and it puts a silver ribbon in your hair." Who could resist a dance tune with lyrics like that?


The backup on Open Doors and Windows is frequently annoying. What polyester was to the early seventies, electric backup was to the early eighties. It is a trend best thrown on the scrap heap of memory, one of the misses that help us find the truly enduring combinations. Today, most artists have chosen to return to a much more acoustic accompaniment.

Open Doors and Windows is simply one of those albums that any serious folk music lover needs in their collection. David Mallett, along with John McCutcheon, Stan Rogers and Kate Wolf helped to gather together and refine singer-songwriter influences of the 60's and 70's into the mature form that we enjoy today. Treat yourself or someone you care about to a classic.

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