Hearts of Gold

William Pint & Felicia Dale

(Waterbug 0008)
P.O. Box 6605
Evanston, IL 60204

Review for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
By Mark Horn (fame01@cbvcp.com), host
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

William Pint and Felicia Dale have sprinkled this album with jewels gleaned from their recent travels. Their time on the road appears to have been well spent. They have assembled the finest collection of seafaring songs to graced my ears in many a year.

These two bards of the northwest are no stranger to the sea shanty or salty reel. They are equally at home with ballads of shipwrecks and lost love. Whether touring as a duo or as part of a larger ensemble, William and Felicia manage to keep the salt spray in their lyrics and the sea breeze in their voices.

"Hears of Gold" is a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary songs gathered from the desert northwest to Brittany. Look for a wide variety of musical styles that will hold your interest. Pint and Dale bring a treasure of refreshing new sea songs that are accessible without being trite.

As you might expect, the album is packed with rich harmonies; a cappella and accompanied. William sings lead vocals on most cuts; his clear tones unequaled. The solo on "Essakeeba River" is especially gripping and compelling.

I would buy this album just to listen to Felicia play the hurdy-gurdy. Few have such mastery of this unusual instrument or can get such a range of emotions from it. While Felicia only comes front and center for several songs, she belts out a delightful version of C'est L'Aviron.

Selections include:

Making lots of wonderful music and providing back up vocals for Hearts of Gold are John Peekstole (keyboards, bass guitar and cittern), Anna Peekstole (didgeridoo), Tania Opland (violin), Jarrod Kaplan (percussion instruments), and Adrienne Robineau (conga).

The production quality and engineering for Hearts of Gold is first rate. Rob Fulsom has a large following among northwest artists both for his technical skills and two of the finest ears in the business.

"Hearts of Gold" is a must for anyone who loves the sea.

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