A Fingerpainter's Murals

Chuck Brodsky

Waterbug Records
P. O. Box 6605
Evanston, IL 60204

Review for Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
By Mark Horn

This is one of those sort of first albums that many artists are forced to put out. Most of the songs on "A Fingerpainter's Murals" were actually first recorded on a difficult to find live tape called "Live at Spam City."

"Lefty" is a wonderful song for baseball lovers. As a bench warmer and perennial right fielder whose major league joy in life was watching the Chicago Cubs nearly win in the early sixties, lefty is like digging through the closet and pulling out the baseball collection. At another level, the song speaks to everyone who has known success and found it fickle and fleeting.

For everyone who remembers an old friend more fondly than we should, "The Ballad of Me and Jones" Chuck puts life's twists and turns into perspective.

WARNING! THE NEXT TWO SONGS WILL TUG AT YOUR HEARTSTRINGS. Chuck Brodsky won the 1991 Columbia Folk Festival, Singer-songwriter competition based on "Acre by Acre" and "Unbridled Reins." These are powerful songs that evoke strong emotions. "Acre by Acre" describes the agony and lose of family farmers thrown off their land, while "Unbridled Reins" speaks of senseless destruction of a thoroughbred racehorse whose only crime was trying too hard.

"We are Each Other's Angels" is why I love folk music. It is touching, thoughtful, and inspiring. What more could you ask for?

"We are each other's angels
We meet when it is time
We keep each other going
And we show each other signs."

Chuck's handles his guitar as well as he writes. It's still easy to hear his affinity for Dylan, though Brodsky is mercifully less obtuse than that iconoclastic balladeer of the sixties.


The production quality of "Fingerpainter's Murals" is tasteful, the engineering solid. Backup musicians include: Dave Moore, Alisa Fineman, Martin Simpson, Annie Steinhardt, and Gina Forsyth. Brodsky shows something of his character by providing not only mention the other performers, but addresses and phone numbers for each included in the liner notes. Yes, he also provides the zany lyrics to each song.

Distributed by Waterbug Music, "A Fingerpainter's Murals" is a welcome addition to anyone's collection.

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