FAME Review: Wake Up Lucid - Gone with the Night
Wake Up Lucid - Gone with the Night

Gone with the Night

Wake Up Lucid

Available from iTunes.

A review written for the Folk &amo; Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

The promo lit's a tad dodgy on what exactly the status of this 30-minute CD is. Is it the full album? A long-ass EP? A pre-release feeder effort to ascertain the market? Hard to tell, what with the divertive rhetoric, but one thing's for sure: it puts the stomp and pisswater back into punk. Okay, the genre started out that way, but, c'mon, it soon looked hard at corporate dollars and began gorping the Rockefeller Kool-Aid (anyone 'member a combo by the moniker of 'The Clash'? No? Heh!!). Gone with the Night, however, takes everything back to the Kinks, Blue Cheer, the brashest days of the early Who, even a folked-up vibe in Don't Fear. That lattermost is soon abolished as I Want opens by darting a highly distorted buzzline straight through your frontal lobes. Still, it's an interesting pool of calm and indicative of an artsier approach invading a surprising percentage of this outing, their fourth release.

Many years ago, I caught Iggy at the Palladium in Psychoville (I think the official name is 'Hollywood' or somethin' like that). Social Distortion opened for 'im. Three songs through their fucking set, me and my buddy retired to the foyer until the The Ig came on. We were convinced SD was repeating the same damn ditty over and over, fucking with everyone's head. Turns out they weren't, I found later, they just hadn't any degree of breadth. Had Wake Up Lucid been the opening act, we woulda been headbanging with all the myriad Goths, tattoines, troggruntz, and Bud Lite Louts on the open floor. At least…I think that was a mosh pit. Looking back, it coulda been that they were trouncing the geeks in the audience along with the trendies who'd come to feast with panthers.

Ah well, ya can't have everything I guess. I Want has a heavy Patti Smith vibe and groove to it, not to mention a full-on psychedelic mid-section, and it's obvious these bastards, despite being only a trio, know how to fill up the room with noise from the rawest pits of the 70s. Way back then, my droogies and I were record-hunting lunatics, and we woulda nabbed this slab so fast it'd make the dealer's head spin and the racks catch on fire, afterwards trotting back home to place it beside copies of Three Man Army, Amon Duul II, the Stooges' landmark firster, the aforementioned Blue Cheer, Neil Merryweather's stuff, and God only knows what else 'cause Gone with the Night has 'hash-head' written all over it. Fave song? Get Fucked, an extended spooky track drenched in drear hallucinogens. That little motherfucker woulda been played to death on my shitty stereo system. Well, now I have a quite nice set-up…but maybe I can blow the speakers out with this collision of primitivism and wise art anyway. Worth a try.

Track List:

  • White Collar Love
  • Let It Roll
  • Don't Fear
  • I Want
  • Get Fucked
  • Gone with the Night
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Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2015, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
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