FAME Review: Carol Saboya / Antonio Adolfo / Hendrik Meurkens - Copa Village
Carol Saboya / Antonio Adolfo / Hendrik Meurkens - Copa Village
Copa Village

Carol Saboya / Antonio Adolfo /
Hendrik Meurkens

AAM Music - AAM0707

Available from CD Baby.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

I don't suppose it's any coincidence I received this CD and the one by Lauren Meccia (here) at the exact same moment 'cause Carol Saboya and Meccia possess such mellifluous refinements that one oft pictures pure drops of dew glistening on lilacs in their vocals. And, like Meccia, Saboya's buttressed by a highly skilled pianist, Antonio Adolfo (here and here), as lead accompanist. Saboya, though, is perky while Meccia's smoky, and her work is more distinctively samba, Braziliana. Then there's the celebrated Henrik Meurkens and that accordion-rich harmonica of his, a small one-instrument orchestra painting in the atmospheres.

There's a little secret here, though: Antonio is Carol's father, so when I say the fresh-faced fresh-voiced Saboya is very girl-next-door-y, the kind of woman you'd want to go to the beach with, afterwards to Pop's Choklit Shoppe for a malted, and even further into the evening to split a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, well, I mean that only in the most honorable way, Mr. Adolfo! We critics are known for our chivalry, sir, you can rest assured of that! Beyond such matters, though, ya just can't have a south of the border CD unless the percussionists are on top of it, and Adriano Santos and Andre Siqueira deliver the goods, working chockablock with Adolfo, especially in cuts like Como se Fosse.

Copa Village's version of Aqua de Beber harks back to the opening Girl from Ipanema, hardly surprising since Jobim co-wrote both with the estimable Vince de Moraes, but Saboya puts a bit of New York, of the Hudson River, into this cut, a track laid down, one well imagines, on a balmy summer's afternoon amid a quiet Sunday laze, Meurkens the silvery waterway flowing by. Two Kites transitions the atmospherics to the onset of Fall, Saboya's voice the wafting paper butterflies flitting in the breeze, Meurkens providing gusting zephyrs as Adolfo lays in the firmament his daughter dances above. If world events have you considering another set of exports from below the equator (Bolivar, Che, and revolution), you just might want to happy up with Copa Village and think twice. It's not that I ain't with ya, compadre, I am, and bankers fleeing white-faced for the jungle tickle my fancy too…but, man, we sure can use a few smiles before rolling up the shirtsleeves, no?

Track List:

  • The Girl From Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema) (Jobim / de Moraes / Gimbel)
  • Copa Village (Adolfo /Meurkens)
  • Show de Bola (Meurkens / Valle)
  • O Boto (Jobim / Jararaca)
  • Como Se Fosse (Meurkens / Terra)
  • Agua de Beber (Jobim / de Moraes)
  • Pois (Jobim / Buarque)
  • Pretty World (adolofo / Gaspar / Bergman / Bergman)
  • Two Kites (A.C. Jobim)
  • Nosso Mundo (Meurkens / Terra)
  • Visao (Adolofo / Gaspar)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2015, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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