FAME Review: Dulcie Taylor and Friends - Only Worn One Time
Dulcie Taylor and Friends - Only Worn One Time

Only Worn One Time

Dulcie Taylor and Friends

Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings - 2369

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

There are seven songs that are either written entirely, or in collaboration with others by Dulcie Taylor, the remaining four are, two by George Nauful and two by Tony Recupido, who also do the lead vocals on the songs they wrote. Dulcie means it when she says, "and friends," and these two have been with her on all her discs. This is her fourth album and all have been produced by George who also plays guitar and contributes backing vocals on many cuts. Tony contributes backing vocals as well as lead and acoustic guitar, and lead vocals on his songs. These three amigos have been all over Dulcie's previous discs, adding what not only the obvious musical benefits, but also the human ones as well.

George and Dulcie have been friends for years, first playing together in bands and then going their separate ways to meet up with George playing with and then supporting Dulcie's solo career both as a musician, trusted producer for the Mesa/Bluemoon label which he also owns, and even more as a trusted friend. What they have done here is to combine the forces of three individuals into one disc. Dulcie is a talented songwriter and she has a unique voice that still reflects her South Carolina upbringing. Raised on folk and true country music, it is still reflected in her writing, singing and playing of both the acoustic guitar and dulcimer. George is a top notch producer and also contributes his writing skills, as well as playing a plethora of stringed instruments, and his singing. Tony and Dulcie have sung together for years and there is an instinctive harmonic sympathy between the two. A wonderful mix of intelligent music and lyrics the well crafted songs.

Track List:

  • On a Rainy Day
  • Only Worn One Time
  • Lost On Some Sea
  • New Stone
  • Take a Chance
  • Anna Marie
  • Can't Even Pray
  • Like My Momma Loved Me
  • Love Let Go
  • Dug a Hole
  • America In a Day

Edited by: David N. Pyles

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