FAME Review: Copernicus - Immediate Eternity II
Copernicus - Immediate Eternity II

Immediate Eternity II


Nevermore Inc. - NCD2095

Available from Copernicus Online.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Only a fool would expect norms of behavior from the raving genius Copernicus, so the story behind Immediate Eternity II is, as might be expected, a bit of a tangled one. Y'see, in 2001, the original Immediate Eternity was released, after which, in 2005, Immediate Eternity II was ushered forth not just in Copernicus' usual English language version but three others as well (German, Spanish, French). The Immediate Eternity CD had gone over well, though the sonic result was a bit less than hoped, so the group decided to go back into the studio and record the pieces newly in a better venue. However, that return to the electronic womb occurred in 2003, between the two just mentioned releases.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" you say breathlessly, "You just said it was a re-recording! What the hell's going on here???" Well, II is the re-recording of I (though I actually never really came with a number). Yep, the exact same songs but newly rendered, significantly so. This means the later issuance of II (er, the one before this one) was, hm, either a limited release or a bootleg or…something. Is everything clear as mud yet? Confused? Yes? Excellent! Then you're ready for this CD, especially in that, if you believed recent reports of The Big C mellowing out, well, you'll have cause to reject that notion in its entirety, at least for the moment.

I don't know who started that vicious rumor of a pacific C: Copernicus himself?, Leo Pavkovic?, me?, you?, invading Plutonian marauders on a beer binge? Does it matter? No. All that matters is that Copernicus is always Copernicus, whether as atomic dust, dislocated atoms and molecules, a banshee crying out in Siberian wildernesses, or a satire of himself as a Shopping Network spokeshole (which the first couple cuts here ape, with a bit of psychedelic Father Knows Best tossed in; chilling and funny simultaneously). All forms are always Copernicus and only Copernicus, and I.E. II heralds the same Ecuadorian quintet from '01 whipped up once more into a frenzy. Sadly, bassist Freddy Auz last year translated into the atomic verity and this may be the last chance to hear his work. But drop in on Dust—but first take a few generous mouthfuls of nerve tonic—and see what I mean by 'frenzy'.

Eternity II is the sort of music Sartre, Camus, and Kafka would rollick in, wallowing in existential angst rescued by zenarchistic paradox and tao-ist grinning reality. That is to say: this isn't muso-philosophy for the weak-witted (Republicans, run for your lives!!), the dull (back to your televisons, Earthlings!), or the incurious (where IS Dubya nowadays anyway?), but harbor no doubts that adventurous rockers will find much, progrockers will caper about in glee, and neoclassicalists will discover parallels in some of the 70s Nonesuch electronicist madmen (Eric Salzman, etc.). For those moments when the modern world isn't perplexing enough nor commentaries upon it sufficiently baffling, you also get a 16-page booklet containing all lyrics. And if THAT isn't enough, then grab hold of C's book, Immediate Eternity, now on Kindle, and really fry your synapses. ObamaCare covers that, doesn't it? Yeah, I think it does.

Track List:

  • Beautiful Humanity
  • Balloon Dreams
  • Absolute Truth is Possible
  • Free of Me!
  • Dust
  • Feel the Nonexistence
  • The Carrot
  • The Stick
  • There is No Difference
  • Viva the New!
All vocals and lyrics by Copernicus,
all music spontaneously created by
Arargundi / Velasquez / Auz / Lopez / Fillou.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2014, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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