FAME Review: Dusan Jevtovic - Am I Walking Wrong
Dusan Jevtovic - Am I Walking Wrong

Am I Walking Wrong

Dusan Jevtovic

Moojune Records - MJR058

Available from Moonjune Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Though Serbian born Dusan Jevtovic is perfectly capable of quiet introspective work, shown in many intros and elsewhere here but especially in In the Last Moment II, he prefers the heavy / fusion / prog / abstract side of the house and possesses, as the promo lit says, "a vocabulary most players would kill for", going on to suggest an "Oz Noy or John Frusciante meets Robert Fripp" manifestation…which…yeahhhhhhh, I can easily see that but would transcend it, thinking more along the lines of the top flight RIO, fusion, and highly literate prog groups: Henry Cow, Univers Zero, an uncatastrophic Art Zoyd, Dennis Rea and Moraine, that sort of pretty-goddamned-far-outside-the-box thinking.

Am I Walking Wrong is a power trio release, Jevtovic having designated the daunting Marko Djordvevic as drummer, Bernat Hernandez manning an atmospheric bass. I've reviewed Djordjevic before (here), and the guy's a powerhouse but also knows when to lay back and let the main cat have center stage with no annotations, which he does on my favorite cut, Embracing Simplicity, Jevtovic taking Fripp's Starless era to a new place. Walking Wrong is more than just thinking man's prog, it's also often a CD in which you have to shut the mental process down and just float, as with Third Life, where D.J. fronts up, fades, lets electronic paraphernalia take over, and explores sonic purgatory.

Walking Wrong is a guitarist's CD and a demonstration of how to avoid the cliché while invoking the familiar and then turning it in on itself to come up with sounds and directions others are going to pillage like maniacs. It's a matter of attitude, a refusal to compromise vision. It is also, however, I will warn, more an artist's compendium of brilliant sketches and concepts preparatory to a magnum opus, or, more to the point, more than one masterpiece. I don't see Jevtovic ever walking backwards, so listeners would do well to brace themselves once the stormfront does hit. Regardless, this is not music to be ignored or taken lightly. Put it on when the mundaner aspects of the world are either pissing you off or boring the bejeezus outta ya. You have to sit down and wrap your head around what's really being done (again: it's a guitarist's release) in, over, under, beside, and beyond it. That accomplished, you'll clearly see why I cite it as a preparatory issuance.

Track List:

  • You Can't Sing, You Can't Dance
  • Am I Walking Wrong?
  • Drummer's Dance
  • One On One
  • In The Last Moment II
  • Embracing Simplicity
  • Third Life
  • Tra-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta
  • Bluesracho
  • If You See Me Again
All songs written by Dusan Jevtovic.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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