FAME Review: Wim Dankbaar, producer - I Shot JFK, The Shocking Truth: The Real Murderer Reveals his Secret (DVD)
Wim Dankbaar, producer - I Shot JFK, The Shocking Truth: The Real Murderer Reveals his Secret (DVD)

I Shot JFK, The Shocking Truth:
The Real Murderer Reveals his Secret

Wim Dankbaar, producer

MVD Visual - MVD5689D (DVD)

Available from MVD Entertainment Group.
Produced by BRI.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This is a part of a just-released 3-DVD series re-examining the conspiracy assassination of John F. Kennedy through new and more extensive data from a number of figures who are proving to be increasingly crucial to the ongoing revelations of the massive involvement of the U.S. government and certain of its agencies with the Mob and various independent andn interdependent criminals. The other releases can be found here and here. Like the companioning Spooks, Hoods, & JFK, which is dedicated solely to Chauncey Marvin Holt's involvement, I Shot JFK is composed entirely of a long interview with James Files, who claims to have delivered the head shot made infamous in the Zapruder film. As opposed to the highly talented, intelligent, and likeable Holt, Files is a true bastard, a criminal through and through, a Mob type character, a Soprano.

However, though Files is a dangerous character, a man you would NOT want to fuck with, he's far from a stupid or simple thug. Like Holt, his data and the manner in which he delivers it are completely convincing. You can, for instance, listen to any politician or businessman anywhere and understand immediately that he or she is fulla shit, reptilian, and not to be trusted, but Files is straightforward and divulges his story rapid-fire with immense familiarity and backscatter, never pausing to consider how he might want to twist words. His memory, like Holt's, is crystal clear, and the guy never fumbles in his diction or crosses the info up. Sonofabitch he may be, but he's cunning and talented in his work, with a quick incisive mind.

The FBI has dismissed Files as not being credible, but that agency has been compromised since its birth, along with its cousin the CIA. Question any FBI agent like Files is being interviewed, and you'll get a cavalcade of hems, haws, pauses, switch-ups, contradictory info, and God only knows what else. You'd have to be an idiot to take any government agent at his or her word, and when he or she avers something, you can usually trust exactly the opposite and cart it to the bank. Files, on the other hand, is compelling and then some. Members of the Warren Commission years later admitted that the Report they had concocted was itself a conspiracy theory (just as the NIST Report on 9/11 is) but would not speak further to the matter. What they will not tell us, this documentary and its brothers do.

Files met and does not like Oliver Stone, considers him snaky and is probably right—Jimmy is an adroit assessor of situations and people—but he confirms Stone's JFK film's accusation that Dallas was a shooting gallery the day of the assassination. Chauncey Holt also asserts this, and he was there on that day as well. Police acoustic forensics shown elsewhere in this series back all that up. When it comes to JFK, we've been lied to by our government for decades upon decades. There's good reason for that, at least as far as the bureaucratic weasels are concerned, considering the direct or peripheral involvements of LBJ, Bush 1, and hundreds of government players, near or distant. This film readily clears up much of what the government purposely blurs.

As said, the near entirety of the documentary is solely Files, and, for two hours, he spills his guts with deadly precision and unerring diction. Forget horror movies and bloody mysteries, this film will send shivers up your spine, not just for what's revealed but also for myriad inevitable implications arising from his testimony. Finally, though, ask yourself: why has the government been so eager to turn a blind eye to men like James Files and Chauncey Marvin Holt, among many many others, when interrogating them, if these individuals are indeed liars, would conclusively prove the government's accusations of their alleged temporizing? The answer's obvious: their testimaony would unearth what the federal government of the United States dearly does not want revealed.

As the Firesign Theater once said, everything we know is wrong, and if you like to have your concensus reality shaken from time to time, this film and its flanking releases are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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