FAME Review: Wim Dankbaar, producer - Confessions from the Grassy Knoll: FBI Agents Re-Examine the JFK Assassination (DVD)
Wim Dankbaar, producer - Confessions from the Grassy Knoll: FBI Agents Re-Examine the JFK Assassination (DVD)

Confessions from the
Grassy Knoll:
FBI Agents Re-Examine the JFK Assassination

Wim Dankbaar, producer

MVD Visual - MVD5690D (DVD)

Available from MVD Entertainment Group.
Produced by BRI.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

The MVD label and Bruder Releasing Inc. have issued a trio of DVDs re-examining one of the two most notorious incidents of conspiracy behavior in modern times, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president. Full disclosure: I've been studying conspiracy phenomena and politics for over three decades and absolutely love this kinda stuff. Before a buddy introduced me to the realm of this intriguing research, I was completely apolitical; now, I'll sear your ear off detailing the grim underground of realpolitik. After all, conspiracies explain history and reality much better than all that crap we were and still are force-fed in school and by the media. Especially in light of the grotesque inside job that was 9/11, re-opening the JFK murder becomes all the more cogent and timely, most definitely when the coverage sidesteps the lone gunmen (Lee Harvey Oswald) Warren Commission fairytale (that not being bad enough, the NIST report on 9/11 is an even more fabulist bucket of malarkey, completely unscientific). Confessions from the Grassy Knoll: FBI Agents Re-Examine the JFK Assassination is one of the three discs, the others can be found here and here here.

It is said that if the truth of the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies were to be fully known, the consciousness of the entire world would shift significantly. I agree, and this DVD begins to illustrate exactly why that's so. You cannot contemplate this ilk of material and not know that something is very very VERY wrong in the global capitalist framework engulfing planet Earth—and by 'global capitalist', what we really mean is the expansion of ancient monarchialism under technologized means as arrogated by mercantiles, a system that would stop at very little to achieve power and wealth, a zeitgeist rewarding only success in the doing of any reckless deed whatsoever, regardless of means and consequences.

One of the centers of controversy here is the late-breaking figure of James Files, who's covered more succinctly in the I Shot JFK film in this series and is still alive, a permanent guest of the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois—not for JFK implications but for defeating police who tried to murder him…and you can make your own guesses as to what the cops' motivation was. In the 90s, he confessed to being the true main shooter from the infamous Dallas Grassy Knoll. That divulgence all started with a tip from an FBI agent to private investigator Joe West, who took a year in gaining Files' confidence and was close to full confession when West suddenly took ill and died (and that should have conspiracy researchers' eyes ablaze, hm?). The producer of this flick, Wim Dankbaar, took it on himself to carve that whole cycle of incidents in rock, but he also rounded up a very impressive assemblage of FBI people, lawyers, investigators, and others who know their stuff dead cold well beyond Mr. Files' involvement. Listening to each one of them speak sends a chill up the spine of even seasoned researchers like myself. I have literally a 5-foot long shelf of JFK books, and Confession now manages to evoke a sense of outrage and dread even after all these years.

I'm not going to detail the wealth of eye-opening info here, that would take pages and pages, far too many for any review, but a lot of bases are covered: the involvement of the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, Hoover, Johnson, and so on. Not a minute goes by that a new point isn't raised and explored, every inch of it entirely empirical. After watching this expose and its two companions, only a complete dimwit could ever hold to the government and mainstream media bullshit about the details of the death of JFK and the ludicrous lone gunman theory. If recent events, especially in the Bush Jr. and Obama presidencies, have you awake and angry, then watch this documentary. Your head will explode but you'll no longer be a sheeple.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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