FAME Review: Gina Kronstadt - Come Over
Gina Kronstadt - Come Over

Come Over

Gina Kronstadt

Falloff Records - FO 1002

Available from CD Baby.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Ahhhhhhhhhh, a cool late afternoon breeze on a balmy day is what Gina Kronstadt's Come Over is. Two main liner photos tend to embody the gentle balance of tensions inherent in the CD, one a b&w snap of a beatnik-era young lady, barefoot, jean-clad, hair pulled back, seated at the family piano, a beauteous coquettish "tomboy" ready to be a little mischievous and find just what life is all about…especially boys. The reverse photo sees the same Kronstadt seated demurely at the same keyboard, back to us, this time in a skin-tight, gold lame, spaghetti-strap, nightclub dress, candles glowing atop the piano harpbox.

Gina has a very long resume of work with many many L.A./Hollywood musicians and productions—even the truncated version is startlingly voluminous—and indeed she's one of this area's most sought after talents, which nicely explains the highly impressive roster of sessioneers: Christian McBride, John Beasley, Luis Conte, Walt Fowler, Bob Sheppard, and so on…plus a string section. More, every cut was written by the chanteuse, fully demonstrating that she's not merely a great interpreter and accompanist but a fully original artist as well, and one not only possessed of effervescent élan but a sense of humor as well (Twitter Stole my Boyfriend).

Even when perplexed about things, as in Tell Me (Or Not), the ambiance is light and flowing, Floridian tropical. Then the ultra-mellow title song arrives, heralding the night, seductive and breathless ("Come over, come over / I'm missing you right now / Come over, get closer / I can hardly breathe / Without you near") but still as buoyant and sparkling as the rest of the set, heavy with musk and delight. Is this feel-good music? Yep, it sure is, even at its most rueful, 'cause I had a sleepy smile on face all the way through—sometimes in amusement, sometimes in knowing agreement, sometimes in memory-drenched reminiscence—and that doesn't happen often. Comparatives? Phoebe Snow, Sade, June Christy, Randy Crawford, Lonnie Liston Smith (on quaaludes), Kenny Rankin, that bunch…and we can always use one more in the pack, can't we? Always.

Track List:

  • Magic
  • Tell Me (Or Not)
  • Come Over
  • Twitter Stole My Boyfriend
  • That Night
  • Turn Around
  • One More Time
  • Just Ask
All songs written by Gina Kronstadt…in fact,
she also arranged and produced the whole enchilada as well!

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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