FAME Review: Tommy Malone - Natural Born Days
Tommy Malone - Natural Born Days

Natural Born Days

Tommy Malone

M.C. Records - MC-0073

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Tommy Malone was born in New Orleans and still calls it home. His music is rooted in the fertile soil that is the Big Easy—Blues, Funk, Soul, Cajun, Gospel, and Rock & Roll all characterized by good songwriting. There is a rich tradition in New Orleans and he grew up with the city, expanded with the city, suffered loss with the city (Katrina), and came back and rebuilt his life with the city, trying to separate the two is like trying to divide a one celled organism from itself. He played in several bands in the city before striking the proverbial gold mine with his life long friend Steve Amadee, and band-mates John Magnie, Willie Williams and Johnny Allen Burns who were named the subdudes. This band split its time between Colorado and New Orleans, and they were the epitome of that amalgamation of music that is NOLA.

Tommy Malone is the proverbial triple threat; he is a very accomplished songwriter, an excellent singer with a voice that has nuance to it, and he is an exceptionally skilled guitarist. He is one of those guys who doesn't seem to step out and grab the limelight, but sure does the job well and gets the nods from his peers. The songs here range from flat out rockers to a number of ballads dealing with the return home from Tennessee to New Orleans. He had a hand in writing all 12 songs and most are written with long time cohorts, former band-mates from the subdudes and with Jim Scheurich. When you are writing with people you are familiar with and know well, there is comfort level that allows things to just flow. A great disc and maybe the person who put so much into it will get the accolades that he deserves, finally.

Track List:

  • Home
  • Hope Diner
  • God Knows
  • Wake Up Time
  • Distanc
  • Mississippi Bootleggers
  • Didn't Want To Hear It
  • Natural Born Days
  • No Reason
  • Important To Me
  • Life Goes On
  • Word On The Street

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
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