FAME Review: Star & Dagger - Tomorrowland Blues
Star & Dagger - Tomorrowland Blues

Tomorrowland Blues

Star & Dagger

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Hm, I seem to be missing something here. Star & Dagger are an all-female metal band f'um N'awleans, and I see three women on the cover and a trio throughout the liner as well as in silhouette on the reverse, but the credits show four femmes: Sean Yseult on bass, Dava She Wolf on guitar, and Dustin Crops on drums with Von Hesseling singing. I suck at Math but, even to my count, that's a quartet. Oh well, this is hard rock/metal, so who the fuck is looking to earn a diploma in engineering…am I right?

Normally, I'm reeeeally leery of women purporting to be anvil jockeys and hard-ass smithies over in the metal shop—I mean, c'mon, The Runaways? Girlschool? Yer kiddin', right? The Great Kat would eat 'em for breakfast. Hell, even Joan Jett barely qualifies, but this group is interesting in its funkier grittier underside, mixing Blue Cheer with Motorhead with 70s riffing and compositions alongside a crumb of blues here and there while reflecting some of the more recent hybrids in the insurging generations. Hesseling is like a huskier Geddy Lee, and Dava She Wolf wields a psychedelic axe somewhat in a league with great old bands like Dust and Grand Funk Railroad. Makes sense, once you hear the CD, that Star & Dagger would open for acts like St. Vitus, Helmet, and others on the grungier side of the house.

Selling My Things lumbers out of the speakers like a Stegosaurus, the singer half narcotized, half romantic, bass and drums stalking the guitar like cubs joining mama for the hunt, looking for a good kill down the road. Then a six-string solo crops up and melts the walls with acid flashbacks from the Seeds and L.A. underground. More than anything else, this was the cut that woke me up, and the spunkier follower, Sidewinding, perked things up just prior to getting primal again in Before It's a Crime". Yeah, Buster, this is stoner metal when all's said and done, and the linchpin to everything is the oscillating Ms. She Wolf, who has some nasty ways about her and would likely be as at home among bikers as with hippies stoned out of their gourds in Death Valley. Forget the high tech bells and whistles ya get elsewhere, you're mucking about in the tar pits and swamps in this one, y'all.

Track List:

  • In My Blood (Hesseling / Nasr / Yseult)
  • End of Days (Nasr)
  • Tomorrowland Blues (Nasr / Yseult)
  • Freak Train (Nasr / Yseult)
  • Selling my Things (Hesseling / Nasr / Yseult)
  • Sidewinding (Nasr / Yseult)
  • Before It's a Crime (Nasr / Yseult)
  • Your Money (Yseult)
  • Used Me (Nsar)
  • Your Mama was a Grifter (Yseult)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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