FAME Review: Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen - On The Edge
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen - On The Edge

On The Edge

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Compass Records - Compass 7-4062-2

Available from Compass Records.

A review written for Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Jim Zimmerschied

On the Edge starts off with a powerhouse instrumental introduction to I Fell Short. This gives you a good indication of how the CD is going to go. Excitement runs through the album. The tunes are mostly original so there is no boredom from "too many times".

Frank Solivan is the lead singer with a powerful voice and great vocal range. He is a veteran from the US Navy Bluegrass band and his experience shows in how tight the band is in their vocal mix and instrumental leads. Also, Frank is no slouch on the mandolin, which is good because he has some hot instrumentalists playing banjo (Mike Munford), guitar (Chris Luquett) and bass (Danny Booth). He also features vocals on this CD from Rob Ickes, Megan McCormick and Tim O'Brien.

This is not a traditional bluegrass CD with the music mostly pop or "newgrassy" but it is an enjoyable album for folks that like bluegrass as well as acoustic pop music. One of the highlights for me was the production of the Wayne Carson Thompson song The Letter made famous by the Box Tops. This acoustic version has more pizzaz then the original and should be around for a long time on its own merits.

Speaking of pizzaz, the tune M80 shows off the incredible banjo playing of Mike Munford as well as hot guitar playing by Chris Luquett. M80 is the name of a powerful firework and it fits this tune.

The song On the Edge of Letting Go has a bluesy feel and is well done by Frank with Tom O'Brien on tenor vocal. Day To Day is the closest to a traditional bluegrass song on the CD and is also well done.

While not a traditional bluegrass band, Dirty Kitchen with Frank Solivan is a music force to be reckoned with. I think you will enjoy their music.

Track List:

  • I Fell Short
  • Gone
  • The Letter
  • Day to Day
  • M80
  • On the Edge of Letting Go
  • Too Far Gone
  • Wild Unknown
  • No Chance
  • Bedrock

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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