FAME Review: The Alan Craig Project - A Day Late
The Alan Craig Project - A Day Late

A Day Late

The Alan Craig Project

BluesPages Records - 70022

Available from Alan Craig's web site.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Alan Craig is a Tampa Bay musician, songwriter, and producer who favors, on A Day Late, his third release, perky pop, uptempo blues, kicky rock and roll, and whatever crosses his mind when he ducks into the studio. Thus, the gent has a knack for crafting up energetic tunes a la Dwight Twilley (Baby Blue), Al Kooper (If It weren't for the Money, which features kick-ass funky vocals from Kyle Rohde), El Chicano (Queen of Scandinvia), James Taylor/Paul Simon (The Sea), and various other well favored sounds. Craig's efforts haven't gone without notice, either, and he's attracted a rather impressive roster of musicians, starting with the legendary Garth Hudson (The Band), Ross Rice (Peter Frampton), Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola), Dave Reinhardt (Rick Derringer), assorted others, and a tasty guitarist and talented engineer in George Harris.

Interestingly, Craig's almost strictly a rhythm guitarist and doesn't sing ('ceptin' for background vocals on If It Weren't for the Money) but, as said, he nonetheless roped in a cool set of people, 17 in all, to turn out this mostly good-times collection of cuts. Obviously, then, he exerts some kind of magical influence that we'll call…just a basically good nature. Ross Rice provides most of the singing, including on the Manfred Mann Earth Band-ish I Feel No Mercy and the spacily crunchy Planets Collide, my favorite cut. There's also a generous infusion of the old San Fran / Fillmore vibe spread liberally throughout A Day Late, and more than once I caught tangs of Delaney & Bonnie, The Electric Flag, and Steve Miller, among others. Craig titles his label 'Blues Pages', and, yeah, there's plenty of the blues throughout, but, really, this is, all told, more like a Sea Level type gig, and yer gonna have a big smile on your sunny face while laying an ear to the disc. Hell, if this is the blues, let it rain on our parade every day, Jeeter, 'cause we sure as hell need a lot more of this jump up 'n shout groove-it-on-out music right about now.

Track List:

  • Baby Blue (David Bawel)
  • If It Weren't for the Money (Charlie Morris)
  • Planets Collide (Ross Rice)
  • A Dollar Short (Craig / Rohde / Harris / Rice)
  • Queen of Scandinavia (Rice / Rice / Craig)
  • Set It Free (Bawel / Walsh)
  • Love to the Lovers (Rice / Harris / Reinhardt / McDowell)
  • The Sea (Craig / Hoff-Cryer)
  • I Feel No Mercy (Craig / Rice)
  • Spinning My Wheels (Alan Craig)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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