FAME Review: Leerone - Heart Shaped Bullets
Leerone- Heart Shaped Bullets

Heart Shaped Bullets


Available from Leerone's Bandcamp page.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mike Jurkovic

Sassy's a good place to start. Sassy's a great descriptor for Leerone's latest, the vampy, and often downright salacious Heart Shaped Bullets.

Equal parts U2, Rolling Stones, and far greater amounts of wily female ardor and resolve, the 21st century's reincarnated Nancy Sinatra dauntingly declares "…and for everything else that I want or I need / I use my lips" and that's just the first song! Scurry on down to the dinosaur crunch of Suzanne and you got the girl confessin'—'Oooooh, if I were a man / what I'd do to you Suzanne'. Yea baby, the imagination reels into the rattling blues of Pleased To Meet only to find itself slow dancing to the deceptively poppy, 50's chick singer noir Feel: "I envy the good girl who's going to church to wash away her sins" and "Is it better to feel, feel, feel / or be numb?" The soulful title track borrows the guitar riff from U2's Mysterious Ways and prologues heatedly into the driving and suggestive Cherry Red. Speaking of riffs, if Mick 'n Keef need a killer one for their 50th, they oughta ask our emancipated lady if they can use Let It Spill.

When I reviewed Leerone's 2008 debut Imaginary Biographies (here), I closed by saying I was looking forward to her becoming her own artist, owing to the past masters but not caught in their sway. Heart Shaped Bullets reveals a spirited talent well on her way.

ps: Do yourself a favor and download The Lost Records, Vol.1 from Leerone's web site, for some smoking covers of Season of The Witch, Howlin' For You and Soldier of Love.

Track List:

  • Use My Lips
  • She's Your Bird
  • Suzanne
  • Pleased To Meet
  • Feel
  • Heart Shaped Bullets
  • Cherry Red
  • Let It Spill
  • Trouble
Produced by Chris Seefried

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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