FAME Review: Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot
Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot

Haywire Riot

Skinny Molly

Ruf Records - RUF1184

Available from Skinny Molly's online merch page.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

The spirit of The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet, Hydra, Coney Hatch, and the rest of the heavysiders of Southern rock is far from dead, and Skinny Molly's doing its best to spit in the eye of any who might care to aver otherwise, opening Haywire Riot with a crashing, crunchy, take-no-prisoners testosteronic attitude, plainly lettin' ya know that they "don't give a damn if you don't care" about their carousing, hellraising, wayward inclinations. Ah, but this ain't no dumb-ass birdflip, y'all, as the follower picks up Skynyrd's weighty electric blueser Devil in the Bottle and curses demon alcohol for the pain it causes, the personal damages inflicted, so, amid the raging freespiritedness of Haywire, there's a bit of reflection as well, shown again later in Judge Parker, my fave cut, reflecting on the future wages of past sins.

I'd no sooner finished listening to that Black Oak Arkansa' re-release of their Raunch and Roll (the killer remastered 2-disc version—and thank God Rhino finally put that bastard back out, licensing it from Atco, 'cause the original kinda sucked, doing Jim Dandy 'n crew no real service—and we had to wait 34 goddamned years to get it!) for about the 100th time than PR guy Mark Pucci sent another of his well-chosen tasty review candidates, this slab by these bad asses. Mike Estes is lead dog of the pack, belting things out in a gravelly voice, writing everything 'ceptin' Devil, and playing guitar in a two-pronged attack he and Jay Johnson lay down. The sounds of BOA and Molly are significantly different but also recognizably similar, flavored with the very same essences of rebellion, swamps, bayous, and echoes of historied antiquity.

These roustabouts LOOK like rock 'n rollers. No skinny ties, no pseudo-ironic Brooks Bros. suits, no tweedling in geek squeekery, just a no apologies lower middle class unadorned brash approach and get out of the way, brother, 'cause there ain't no stoppin'now. Estes actually has a history with Skynyrd from way back and co-wrote Devil with Rossington and van Zandt…when he was a member of the band (heh!, I was savin' that 'til you got this far), so the kindredness is no accident. Tina Turner once claimed quite rightly that she and Ike "nevah evah did nuthin' nice 'n easy", and the same goes double for Skinny Molly. You get no rest with this one, pilgrims, so save the champagne and hors d-oeuvres for the next Lady Gaga mess, and take down the whiskey from the back of the kitchen cabinet. It's time to kick up a little dust.

Track List:

  • If You Don't Care
  • Devil in the Bottle
  • Two Good Wheels
  • Too Bad to Be True
  • Judge Parker
  • Bitin' The Dog
  • Lie to Me
  • Shut Up and Rock
  • After You
  • None of Me No More
  • Dodgin' Bullets
All songs written by Mike Estes except
Devil in the Bottle (Rossington / van Zandt / Estes).

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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