FAME Review: Mary Gauthier - Live At Blue Rock
Mary Gauthier - Live At Blue Rock

Live At Blue Rock

Mary Gauthier

In The Black Records - ITB1006

Available from Mary Gauthier's online store.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Mary Gauthier (pronounced go-SHAY) is a study in contrasts, she comes off as practical and no nonsense, and yet her songs will ignite nerve endings that are exposed. They transmit an emotional punch that is as powerful as a Mike Tyson punch and can leave you gasping for air. She is someone who doesn't come off as a warm welcoming person and yet from her songs you know she is taking in all that is going on. Yet from the depth of emotion in her songs, because she strips away the extraneous and gets down to the root of it all and the song, though intensely personal to the listener, is about the universal you. That is quite a feat to accomplish. Her songs are raved about by Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, and done by such diverse people as Jimmy Buffet, Boy George, and Mike Farris:

She resisted the pressure to do a live disc until she could do it on her terms and in her own way. Here she sings her songs plays guitar and harmonica and is accompanied by Mike Meadows on percussion and Tania Elizabeth on fiddle, vocals, and percussion, in a setting she feels comfortable in. This disc contains eleven songs; eight of which were written or co-written by her and three by Fred Eaglesmith. She makes sure that the songs' meanings comes through in a clear manner. There is a stark simplicity to her songs, her singing and her music that eliminates ambiguity and drives the intended message home with an emotional wallop. Straightforward and direct the songs don't back down, they come across with no punches pulled; give a listen to Sugar Cane.

Track List:

  • Your Sister Cried (Fred Eaglesmith)
  • Last of the Hobo Kings (Mary Gauthier)
  • Blood Is Blood (Mary Gauthier / Crit Harmon)
  • Cigarette Machine (Fred Eaglesmith)
  • Our Lady of the Shooting Stars (Mary Gauthier)
  • The Rocket (Fred Eaglesmith)
  • Karla Faye (Mary Gauthier / Crit Harmon)
  • I Drink (Mary Gauthier / Crit Harmon)
  • Sugar Cane (Mary Gauthier / Catie Curtis)
  • Drag Queens In Limousines (Mary Gauthier / Crit Harmon)
  • Wheel Inside The Wheel (Mary Gauthier)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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