FAME Review: Kyle Fosburgh - The Traveler's Journey - A Collection of Solo Guitar
Kyle Fosburgh - The Traveler's Journey - A Collection of Solo Guitar

The Traveler's Journey - A Collection of Solo Guitar

Kyle Fosburgh

Available from CD Baby.

A review written for Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Jim Zimmerschied

I'll refer to this CD album as Traveler's Journey since the full title is long (although descriptive). It is a collection of acoustic guitar tunes with a theme of the outdoors with titles such as The Redwoods and Journey Over Mountains

All the music has been composed and performed by Kyle Fosburgh. With little narration on the jacket liner, the listener is left to his/her own imagination with only a title to feed that imagination. Think of it as a Monet, you have a painting and a title, so your imagination has reign to decide what it means.

Kyle uses the medium of the six and twelve string steel string guitar to paint his scenery. The tunes are full of percussive strikes and pleasing notes. He has a style of his own, but there are influences that are noticeable: John Fahey and Leo Kottke come to mind. However, let me say that this is not a reproduction of those artist's music—there are hints but Fosburgh has his own style which stands on its own.

Rather than a play list I will give my impression of each of the pieces.

The first cut is a tune called Fandango which the jacket states is based on the music of Robbie Basho. The guitar work is a mixture of percussive strokes and melody. Fosburgh uses recording magic to create an ensemble effect which works well in this setting.

Redwoods, one of my favorites, takes you inside the artist's twelve string guitar to evoke the majestic nature of the redwood forest with a little flamenco sound added in.

In Journey Over Mountains Fosburgh uses an Eastern music flavor to help the listener visualize the Himalayas.

Let's Go is a short piece with a strong John Fahey flavor and does blend well into the theme of traveling.

The Dawning starts with moody bass and dark chords and ends up with bright music. The sunrise follows the darkness.

The Peddler is described on the jacket as the excitement of a new day with a (bicycle) peddler racing down-hill. Fosburgh uses a slide to get a sense of motion. This track is reminiscent of Kottke's style.

Bouquet uses the ensemble effect to present a nice, soothing tune.

The Ships Are Sailing Out paints the image of ships sailing out of a harbor using various tempos and slides. A little of John Fahey again shows here.

Why Is It This Way?—It's Going To Be This Way is a long title for a piece in which the guitar creates a call and then a response is given. Sort of the give and take of daily life.

On the Range is considered to be a continuation of the earlier piece: Journey Over Mountains. With a lot of percussion on the twelve string guitar, the vision of coming down from a mountain is generated.

Every Child Born celebrates the gift of life with slides and a peaceful theme.

Night in North America is a grand finale with a twelve string guitar tuned to an orchestral tuning giving an exciting ensemble effect of a tweleve string and six string guitar playing together.

The total play time is only 39 minutes but the music lends itself well for repeat plays and makes for easy listening while travelling.

Kyle Fosburgh is a talented guitarist and Traveler's Journey should please most anyone who is fond of steel string acoustic guitars.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2013, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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