FAME Review: Pete Seeger - Pete Remembers Woody
Pete Seeger - Pete Remembers Woody

Pete Remembers Woody

Pete Seeger

Appleseed Recordings - APRCD1131

Available from CD Baby.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mike Jurkovic

Having had the God-given privilege to stand beside Pete both in performance and in conversation—engaged in Lincoln's team of rivals, the Peekskill riots of '49, his cherished River Town Kids—listening to this wondrous 2CD set is like having the great man riding shotgun in your car, or filling your listening room up with recollections and stories of his dear friend, Woodrow Wilson Guthrie.

By his own humble admission, Pete's "big, big education about America" began in 1940 when Seeger, then 21, met Woody, then 26, backstage of what was to become the first of many a benefit concert the two great spirits would perform. With these often humorous, always poignant recollections, Pete tells firsthand how they witnessed America's emerging greatness, and how they held out the hope that that greatness would sustain.

Celebrating Woody's centennial, disc one has Pete telling about Guthrie working out This Land Is Your Land, Do Re Mi, and Union Maid. He recalls learning to sing in saloons, singing for the unions, and how the keeping up on the swirling currents of history kept them, if not financially rewarded, then certainly vital and contemporary. Disc two continues with the Weavers, McCarthy's blacklist, and sadly, the Huntington's disease which took Woody's his life in 1967 at the age of 55. Interspersed with these fond remembrances, are Guthrie songs featuring son Arlo, producer and archivist David Bernz, Amy Fradon, The Vanaver Caravan, Woody, Cisco Houston, and The Almanacs among others.

Track List:

Disc: 1Disc: 2
  • Woody's Ghost - Part 1
  • Pete Meets Woody
  • Are There Any Mountains Near Here?
  • Woody Writes "This Land is Your Land"
  • America Learns "This Land is Your Land"
  • My Big Education
  • 66 Highway Blues
  • How to Sing in Saloons
  • Riding the Freights
  • Rambling the Appalachians
  • Which Side Are You On?
  • You'd Better Get Them Singing
  • Union Maid
  • Songs Woody Liked
  • New York Town
  • Reading and Writing
  • The Minstrel Song
  • On the Radio, Tom Mooney and Will Geer
  • Do Re Mi
  • Woody Sez
  • Why Do You Stand There in the Rain?
  • The Flip-Flop
  • The Almanacs Go West
  • The Sinking of the Reuben James
  • The Folk Process
  • Woody Trilogy (Hard Travelin', This Train, There's a Better World a-Coming)
  • Fighting Fascism Starts Right Here
  • If I Had a Hammer
  • Woody's Ghost - Part 2
  • From WWII to The Weavers
  • Just Make It a General Song
  • So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh!
  • The Last Time I Heard Woody Sing
  • Pastures of Plenty
  • The Freest Place on Earth
  • This Machine Kills Fascists
  • Little Arlo Writes Things Down
  • Woody in the Balcony
  • This Land is Your Land
  • The Last Visit
  • My Peace
  • Woody Lives On
  • I Ain't Got No Home
  • Howdy Little Newlycome
  • Peace Pin Boogie
  • Woody's "Rulin's"
  • I've Got to Know
  • Woody's Ghost - Part 3

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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