FAME Review: D.L. Marble - Not the One…
D.L. Marble - Not the One…

Not the One…

D.L. Marble

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

D.L. Marble is a vulgarian, and I think it's his lyrics that prove he's not poseuring…as most vulgarians do. There's something to the odd, brash, and naked honesty of many of his lines that makes you blurt out "No shit!" and agree with the guy. As to the sound of Not the One…, the fact that Eric Ambel produced the disc and plays guitar throughout should say much. In sum, there's a lot of the old rock sound present: Mink DeVille, distant echoes of Dwight Twilley, some Lone Justice, Mitch Ryder, Nils Lofgren, definitely Ambel's vibe and his old Del Lords gig, everything informed by the kind of 50s post hillbilly ambiance that runs through all those cats.

However, truth to tell, Ambel's never been one of my favorites. Yep, he's liked by Joan Jett (who doesn't impress me either), Mojo Nixon (who does), Freedy Johnson, and others, but the gent's two-dimensionality bugs me. I recognize what he's doing, but it ain't my cuppa, and I doubt, despite a rather wide critic's palette in sonics, it ever will be. Too much the John Cougar Mellencamp element for my taste. And Marble actually sounds like he wants to be a folkie, which isn't a bad leaning at all, as Two Lane Highway and a few other cuts amply demonstrate, nailing down his true soul. The less cluttered sound in such outings allows him to yank out his real heart and root more firmly in the ground. Thus, it may be that his best strategy next time around will be to just sit down and capture his own true baseline 'cause this one doesn't really do him justice.

Track List:

  • Good Sign
  • San Ramon
  • Lucky Tonight
  • Sombrero Lullaby
  • Two Lane Highway
  • Broke Down Here
  • See You Around
  • Maybe it's Best
  • That Girl
  • Not the One
All songs written by D.L. Marble except
San Ramon and Sombrero Lullaby (Shilling / Marble).

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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