FAME Review: Various Artists - All Jams on Deck: The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise (DVD)
Various Artists - All Jams on Deck: The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise (DVD)

All Jams on Deck:
The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise (DVD)

Various Artists
Robert Mugge, Producer

Available from Let's Go Bluesin'.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Times is tough, no argument. When was the last time you took a vacation? A trip somewhere? A week away? Yeah, I know, probably been a while. Well, FAME's helping to promote just what the doctor ordered: an ocean cruise………for a mere $6!! "What the ungodly hell?!?!", you may ask, but I ain't kidding. Not only does All Jams on Deck feature a raucous sea cruise with some of the best blooz catz 'n kitties in the biz, but the film-maker, Robert Mugge (see [here] for the last FAME review of one of his flicks), and PR super-guy Mark Pucci are teaming up to get it into your hands for just the price of shipping. Cah-mon, Jeeter, ya hain't seen a deal like that since the last goddamned Republican Depression! I'll tell ya how to nab one, but first lemme reveal what you'll be receiving.

It took no more than seeing one of my fave players, Elvin Bishop, whom I've dug since first hearing the guy on Butterfield's In my own Dream when it issued back in the Pliocene Era, to hook my interest. And I caught that just in the sampled video for the movie (which is linked below) well before getting the DVD. Then the full-blown version arrived, and the very first concert sequence is a full-on kick-ass jam with Tommy Castro, expanded band, and horn section. Deeeee-lish-usssss…and they are smokin'! But that's the kind of hi-energy confab you get throughout this entire hour and a half: enough talent to choke an entire Futurity Downs worth of horses. So take Castro, Elvin, BOTH Winter brothers (Johnny and Edgar), Marcia Ball, Lee Oskar, Commander Cody, Coco Montoya, and a helluva lot more beyond, pass the drinks around to the audience, turn the amps up loud, and we're off to the races.

Tell me, where else are you going to see Johnny Winter jamming with Bishop, Edgar hitting the keyboards? Nowhere. It's unique. May never happen again either. Then Marcia comes on later, pipes up, and gets things jumpin' all over again ('n watch Daryl Cloutts and his organ - no, his other organ - catch on fire in the middle eight…sweeeeeeeet!). Nice to see Ed Earley again too, as one can never get enough trombone in one's sonic diet. In between songs, there's a lot of cool conversation happening, musicians sitting back and reminiscing, talking about the biz, jam history, the sounds, the sheer pleasure of throwing a prolonged set of musical merrymaking on the open seas to an aggregate of very receptive vacationers, and then whatever else comes to mind.

Getting the idea? An', hell, you throw six bucks away just on a grossly overpriced cup of coffee with a doily among all them brainless yuppies down at the local you-know-where, so put the bucks back in your pocket, tell the polyethylene people "Late fer yez all!", and traipse on over here to glom yer copy: http://bluescruise.com/?page_id=1780 but if you're a hard sell, then first check this 12-minute video out: http://robertmugge.com/all-jams-on-deck/index.html . You'll be falling all over yourself to get to Pay Pal quickly enough. This is, as I mentioned earlier, a killer way to take get away from the real world for a while, to take a vacation, and I'm betting you'll be watching it more than once. I sure as hell am.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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