FAME Review: Hope for Agoldensummer - Life Inside the Body
Hope for Agoldensummer - Life Inside the Body

Life Inside the Body

Hope for Agoldensummer

Available from Hope for Agoldensummer's web site.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

There's a lovely laconic shimmer that overlays this CD made chiefly by a buncha wimmens, the center of which is Claire Campbell, Suny Lyons, and Page Campbell, ladies who know how to craft a lotta laid-back into their entrancing compositions. Everything about this music is fairly simple in its groundfeet but floats in a wistful bliss of gauzily warm fogs and diffused sunlight rapidly pulling the listener in, becoming haunting. In male hands, this would be referred to as pastorally Byronic…but they ain't male, y'all, so let's look to the woman of the time in that infamous small circle of yore and call it Shelleyan.

Thus, would I compare them to Shelleyan Orphan? No, nor to the Cocteau Twins, not even vaguely, not even The Roches, though that might come the closest in a prog/folk/country/Romanto-chamber way, but rather an advanced version of reflective Joan Baez, down-tempo Melanie Safka, early Janis Ian, that sort of thing but etherealized. Life Inside the Body marks a sidepool sound that might best go with Rasputina and very few other ensembles, there being all too little presented for the modern appetite in this vein. A shame, that, because Life is lovely bewitching music.

All three play guitar, and I'm damned if I can separate individual styles, but the slow dulcet refrains of that instrument find chordal, slide, and lead lines narcotizing, bending elastically, transporting the listener further into each cut's recesses. Don't expect, though, to wax the floor while listening to the CD. More like, you'll sit down at the kitchen table, smile a big lazy smile, lay your head down to dream, and melt onto the laminate surface, soporific and enthralled—not that the lyrics are always of a mind to caress and soothe, I rush to note, but…well, I'll let you discover that part for yourself.

Track List:

  • Cold Cold Bed (Claire Campbell)
  • Be Free (Page Cambell)
  • Daniel Bloom (Claire Campbell)
  • Strange Skies (Page Cambell)
  • Come On (Claire Campbell)
  • Come Back (Claire Campbell)
  • Fix This (Page Cambell)
  • Day Glo Grey (Page Cambell)
  • Shining Heart (Page Cambell)
  • Annie (Claire Campbell)
  • Tucson (Page Cambell)
  • Corn Maze (Campbell / Cambell)
  • Come Over (Claire Campbell)
  • Stars Shine Down (Deb Davis)
  • Louis Eckonomides (Claire Campbell)
  • Secret Song (Claire Campbell)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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