FAME Review: Cathy Segal-Garcia / Yoonseung Cho - Bohemian
Cathy Segal-Garcia / Yoonseung Cho - Bohemian


Cathy Segal-Garcia / Yoonseung Cho

Dash Hoffman Records - DHR 1016

Available from CD Baby.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This is the sort of CD that doesn't come along very often but whenever it does, the question is always: Does it succeed? Strictly duets between Korean pianist Yoonseung Cho and vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia, Bohemian blends a number of influences and periods in a jazzy folky offbeat whole. It was recorded in two days with no overdubs, so this is a live affair split between floating airy lines and jagged split-offs, melodic encanting and jazz scat, but its strengths are also its weaknesses.

Segal-Garcia nails it when she cites Cho as being very Chick Corea-esque, but, unfortunately, it's Chick's wrong period (Scientology era forward), when he lost all the genius he'd held in Miles' group, Circle, early Return to Forever, etc. I caught him at Delphi when he recorded that ECM LP and, formerly nuts about the guy, was singularly unimpressed. Little he's done since then has remedied the situation. Then there's Segal-Garcia herself.

In the promo lit, she cites Norma Winstone and indeed carries Norma's tones, covering her and Jimmy Rowles' A Timeless Place as well, but also Joni's, Joan's, and Judy's while failing to engage the listener in the material, which reads more as recitation than heartfelt. Toss Gayle Moran in there too (Chick's wife)…but, um, don't ask me about Gayle either. Thus, Bohemian will go over great with the Corea-after-Al-and-Lenny-period crowd, but for everyone else? Not so much.

Track List:

  • Bohemian (Cathy Segal-Garcia)
  • Her Family (Metheny / Segal-Gracia)
  • Everybody's Own Song (Cathy Segal-Garcia)
  • Jump Back (Segal-Gracia / Hoffman)
  • One Minute (Cathy Segal-Garcia)
  • Embraceable Jew (Bob Moses)
  • All the Right Reasons (Olson / Molenhof)
  • Like a River (Shelby Flint)
  • A Timeless Place (Rowles / Winstone)
  • Fragile (Sting)
  • Touch her Soft Lips / The Nightingale
  • The Ironic Waltz (Cathy Segal-Garcia)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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