FAME Review: Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy - The Band Courtbouillon
Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy - The Band Courtbouillon

The Band Courtbouillon

Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy

Valcour Records - VAL CD 0016

Available from Valcour Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

There are times when all the forces just mesh together in that perfect fit, all pieces align and the fit is just perfect, that is what happened on this disc. To make it more storybook it was three musicians who were all stars in the Cajun revival movement each one representing a different age group and lineage, who, when playing acoustically together one night had so much fun that they decided to record. What we have here is the delicious fruits of their efforts. Wayne Toups, accordion and vocals, is the oldest and plays what is called Zydecajun, a combination of Cajun music and Zydeco; Steve Riley, accordion, fiddle, guitar and vocals, is next in age and was taken under the wing of Dewey Balfa and his brand of Cajun music, and is known for his work with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys; and the youngster is Wilson Savoy, accordion, fiddle, guitar, and vocals, whose his father is an accordion maker and musicologist specializing in Cajun music and whose mother is an author and music producer, he is known for his work with the Pine Leaf Boys. Eric Frey joins them on bass.

The disc is comprised of six traditional songs one by Steve Riley and the others are by the likes of Iry Lejeune, Lawrence Walker, Dl Menard, Shirley Bergeron, Johnny Credeur, and Touchet Brothers. All of the songs have that feel of the backwaters of rural Louisiana. What makes this disc standout is the respect and enthusiasm these players feel for their musical heritage. Wayne Toups takes the lead vocals on most cuts with his well-worn voice, Steve and Wilson doing more in the way of harmony vocals though both do step to the lead role occasionally. Wilson's fiddle has sharper more slithery tone than Steve's fiddling. On occasion they let their more modern sensibilities and influences with R & B and roots rock invade the songs, however this is not the overall tone and is neither a distraction nor is it a detriment as Cajun music is vital and constantly absorbing what is now. Like the music from the Appalachians there is a fascination with emotional music that deals with murders and disaster. This is a disc that bodes well for the future of Cajun music, because of the influence these innovators have on the direction it will take after today and well into the future. Valcour is a small label that is big on quality.

Track List:

  • Courtbouillon
  • It's Lonesome in Prison
  • The Bosco Blues
  • The Convict Waltz
  • La vie malheureuse
  • Chere Alice
  • The Hathaway Two Step
  • Nobody Wants Me
  • The Patassa Two-Step
  • Valse de la Belle
  • Les flammes de l'enfer
  • The Kaplan Waltz
  • The Midland Two-Step
  • She Made Me Lose My Mind

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2012, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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