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Wassonic - Wassonic



Disappearing Music - DM-W01

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Ambientalists Terrence O'Brien, otherwise known as Anomalous Disturbances (here and here) while taking up membership in SADU, and Matthew Poulakakis, who has gone by the monikers of Automatic Fats, Salvagesound, and Meota, have teamed up to test their crafty hands in a collaboration that has produced three epic cuts, all exceeding 15 minutes (see below), each a sonic immersion experience of lush soundscapes floating between heaven and nightland deserts. If you're an addict of the pre-Raphaelite sci-fi mind theater of Vidna Omana, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Chuck van Zyl, Vangelis, and others, then this exotically dark confection is your heroin, trust me.

Factory Florist slowly adopts a Hassellesque percussive side as susurrations and floes of fluorescent midnight climes tumble over one another, rising and falling in cadence, mysterious presences muttering and hooning, drones buzzlining the shifting sequences, aliens pondering questions of life as ghosts dance in the air. Tree Frog Poison continues the narrative in a cosmic rain forest mode, completing Factory Florist 's ramp-down, slowly mellowing out ever more clearly, birds twittering from afar, muffled peregrinations of unseen beasts echoing softly, everything more Loren Nerell-ish now.

Signalfish, as the title intones, then drops the listener into the ocean for subaqueous accompaniment to a benevolently mutated Jacques Cousteau drifting hither and yon as watery banshees, in-tune bubbles, submerged Atlantean harps, and what appears to be a sea floor thoroughfare make their presences known, heralding another day among civilizations beneath the waves. In more than one way, the song sounds like what might result if Eno had decided to sedate Vollenweider with really choice thorazine. The entire disc is executed through synths, processed guitars, treatments, and field recordings but contains little that even faintly resembles musical norms: clear attack and decay points, movements, decorous ostinati, none of that. The whole point is the experience, the journey, the descent into another dimension. Listen, wonder, sleep, and dream. The rest, the stuff outside the music, the world you came from, is just an illusion.

Track List:

  • Factory Florist (23:11)
  • Tree Frog Poison(16:00)
  • Signalfish (15:47)
All songs composed by Wassonic.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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