FAME Review: Cheyenne Marie Mize - We Don't Need
Cheyenne Marie Mize - We Don't Need

We Don't Need

Cheyenne Marie Mize

Available Nov. 8, 2011 from Roaring Colonel Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Starting with the stripped-down tribal-swing of Wishing Well in a 6-track extended EP, Cheyenne Marie Mize kinda leads us down the primrose path, hopping and skipping, shaking our booties, only to descend into the lovely dolor of Call Me Beautiful, which carries a soft but clatterously ominous atmosphere, madrigalianly staid but rapidly fraying around the edges, echoing the "Don't call me beautiful / You don't know how ugly I can be" sentimentality of existential lament. That darkly Byronic milieu won't return until the closing Back Around cut, a moody instrumental with classical progressions taking refuge in the mangroves and Spanish moss of a decaying chateau slipping into mannered insanity, but, meanwhile, Mize has a rock & roll heart displaying elements of Velvet Underground, a bit of P.J. Harvey, Mazzy Star, as well as a very Kinks-y intro to It Lingers, but,more importantly, a whole lot of her own now-soft-and-sensuous / now-drowning-in-melancholy / now-sassy-and-bold emotional nature.

She and the band hang on the corner of Slop Ave. and Elegant Blvd., forcing the brash chords and angularity of punk into new configurations that manage to acquire a dented grace no one is going to complain about, almost a matter of Fellini-esque sonic cinematography turning the corner into baroque strains gone a bit haywire. Ah, but, taking from the Italian master, heh-heh!, I just deceived you: all the playing here is Mize alone, save for the drums, and that fact is impressive as all hell because she really understands how to not only hammer a rock backbone into her work but also display daunting breadth in the aforementioned Back Around, which is going to have more than a few progrockers howling at the moon. Given all that, it's time for a full-on release taking everything forward with all the stops pulled out.

Track List:

  • Wishing Well
  • Call Me Beautiful
  • Going Under
  • Keep It
  • It Lingers
  • Back Around

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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