FAME Review: Craig D'Andrea - …And the B.L.T.'s
Craig D'Andrea - …And the B.L.T.'s

…And the B.L.T.'s

Craig D'Andrea

Candyrat Records

Available from Candyrat Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Two years ago, in his Getting Used to Isolation release (here), Craig D'Andrea, I had remarked, was redolent of a Bruce Cockburn hailing from tropic climes. This time out, he's far more in the way of a Canadian John Fahey by way of Gordon Lightfoot (Gord's picking, as there's nary a syllable uttered on this CD) and Peter Lang. The chords in …And the B.L.T.s are thicker and meatier, there's more gravity (not to say more gravitas necessarily, Isolation had its own separate virtues, but more sonic weight) and a greater sense of place and stasis than in, say, buddy Antoine Dufour's latest (here). Not that anything plods, far from it, but where Dufour takes to the skies or weaves more evanescent tableaus, D'Andrea concentrates on rhythmic geography and—especially in songs like Do You Like Tricks, Chris? and Band Friends (Take 59), where he gets his groove on and sticks with it—propulsive rock oriented tempos and insistent progressions.

I suspect, in fact, that the mode in those two songs will provide groundwork for more than a few musicians eager to discover new twists in compositions establishing a counterpoint and then working outwards. No matter where the guitarist moves, he always comes back to that touchstone, planting a thicket of birch and elm, then larking about in it…or maybe sculpting a porphyry abbotry with myriad freespirited rooms flanking the arbory copse. Country byways are rarely far from D'Andrea's work and several very pleasant groves and meadows populate large portions of the menu here. The readings, however, as indicated, are far from something that Roy Clark or a similar guitar handler would produce; D'Andrea's far more literate, much more crafted.

Track List:

  • Just Trust Me
  • Falling for Twelves
  • Shut the Window!
  • Bird Feeder Politics
  • As We Go
  • Do You Like Tricks, Chris?
  • Fingertipless Palm Warmers
  • Sleeping on Floors
  • Band Friends (Take 59)
  • No Way
All songs written by Craig D'Andrea except Falling for Twelves (D'Andrea / Pearson).

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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