FAME Review: E.G. Kight - Lip Service
E.G. Kight - Lip Service

Lip Service

E.G. Kight

Blue South Records - BSR0611

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

If you, like me, are an aficionado of the old Capricorn label and wonder just where the hell cats like Tommy Talton (Cowboy, Talton / Stewart / Sandlin), Paul Hornsby (Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels), and Randall Bramblett (Bonnie Raitt, solo, and the oh-Lord-he'p-me-way-too-sweet Sea Level band) got themselves to, well, pard, wonder no more, here they are, backing country-soul-blueswoman E.G. Kight on her sixth disc, Lip Service.

This CD contains Kight's When a Man Loves a Woman song, Thats How a Woman Loves, never as thunderous as Percy Sledge's but more measured and genteel. Kight claims Koko Taylor as her soul and inspiration, rightly so, but she really sounds more like Bonnie Bramlett (another Capricorn alumnus) with a little Genya Ravan and even, on the mellower side, a bit of Rita Coolidge. Yep, Koko's there, too, but Kight has modernized the esteemed chanteuse within the menu of her own wont. On the other hand, appropriately on Koko's Song, she stays right in the dearly departed mentor's high heels.

On Savannah, Gil Gillis delivers slide guitar lines worthy of Steve Dawson as the singer serves up a Tony Joe White kind of golden radio cut swinging with mellifluous ease and reined-in intensity, smooth but serious. I Can't Turn Him Off dances with bayou verve and even a little Dickey Betts / Duane Allman atmosphere before heading into It's Gonna Rain All Night, a torch come-over-here number. The wimmens' y'all, is still fighting for their place in the music world, and it's cool workhorse material like this that's nailing down the advances made, so, in this male dominated sonic realm, leave us hope that, as Koko inspired Kight, Kight will co-preside with a few other lusty ladies over an up and coming generation of vocalists slinkily caterwauling their way onto the stage, 'cause with very blue days presently upon us, we sure as hell need 'em giving voice to our inner souls.

Track List:

  • Sugar Daddies (Kight / Horner)
  • I'm in It to Win It (Kight / Horner)
  • That's How a Woman Loves (EG Kight)
  • Lip Service (Kight / Horner)
  • Savannah (KIght / Gillis)
  • Koko's Song (Kight / Horner)
  • Somewhere Down Deep (Kight / Horner / Tallman)
  • I Can't Turn Him Off (Kight / Horner)
  • It's Gonna Rain All Night (Paul Hornsby)
  • Goodbye (EG Kight)
  • Married Man (EG Kight)
  • I'm Happy with the One I got Now (Kight / Cotton / Neel)

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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