FAME Review: Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy and The Cajun Country Revival - The Right Combination
Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy and The Cajun Country Revival - The Right Combination

The Right Combination

Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy
and The Cajun Country Revival

Valcour Records - VAL CD 0015

Available from Valcour Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Joel Savoy produced recorded and mixed this disc as well as playing fiddle on it. He comes from a musical Cajun family that goes back, his parents Marc and Ann Savoy are responsible for the Savoy Music Center in Eunice, LA, which houses both Marc's accordion making establishment and a gathering place and hotbed of Cajun music. All of them, including Joel's brother Wilson, play in the Savoy Family Band and each one of them plays in several other bands. Joel has also founded Valcour Records with a couple of friends and it has put out a number of very fine Cajun discs, including this one. Jesse Lege is a Cajun accordionist who has won every award available to him to win in Cajun music, and was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame.

This group is strengthening that intersection of Cajun and country music, blending the two even stronger bonds than they have been previously. The band here is one of those that are just the right combination. There are members of the Caleb Klauder Country Band from Portland, OR and Nadine Landry of Foghorn Trio, from Canada. The two names at the top of the marquee are both steeped in the music of the Cajuns and at the same time very aware and appreciative of the influences of country music. Just listen to the job Joel did as producer and playing fiddle on Yvette Landry's solo disc, Should Have Known, which is one of the strongest country records to cross this desk in years. In the liner notes for this disc, Joel notes that all he wants from this disc is for us, the listeners, to smile, and how can you hear great music and the joy with which it is played and not smile. This is a disc that has the joie de vivre of Cajun music and the strong message that country music often has, and these ingredients are in just the right combination for an enjoyable time.

Track List:

  • Ouvre la porte (Open the door)
  • Wondering
  • Courville's Fetish
  • Tippy Toeing
  • Debut dans la porte (Standing in your door)
  • Les poules ne pondent pas (The hens aren't laying)
  • La valse d'Evangeline (The Evangeline Waltz)
  • The Right Combination
  • S'en aller sur l'Courtableau (Let's go to Bayou Courtableau)
  • 'Tit monde (My Dear Little One)
  • Corina

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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