FAME Review: Samantha Fish / Cassie Taylor / Dani Wilde - Girls with Guitars
Samantha Fish / Cassie Taylor / Dani Wilde - Girls with Guitars

Girls with Guitars

Samantha Fish / Cassie Taylor /
Dani Wilde

Ruf Records - RUF 1166

Available from Ruf Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This axe-and-voice-oriented front threesome kicks off Girls with Guitars with a cover of the Stones' Bitch, then ends with a take on Paul Pena's Jet Airliner (which Steve Miller brought to fame), but others' material is not where their strength lies; rather, their own comps speak the ladies' vocabulary in the most convincing and seductive terms, as Cassie Taylor, who appeared on Gary Moore's 2008 Bad for You Baby, and Dani Wilde are pretty damned affective in blues-rock sass with torchy side dishes boasting well-tended ranges of emotion and tone. All the ladies' bases are, in other words, covered. To the dinosaurs in the audience, however, this combo is what we all hoped Fanny, The Runaways, and other girl bands would've been but who turned out, instead, to be, for the most part, sacks of cardboard and saccharine.

Wimmens, it has been well noted, are not very often shredders—if you want that, you can hear or watch Ana Popovic kick ass elsewhere—and this trio is no exception, but it exhibits excellent compositional ability and their tendency to use still evolving skills eruditely is impressive, nor do the acoustic blues cuts like Reason to Stay, with Wilde solo on axe and vocals, fail to entice. For some reason, Wilde and Taylor drop in and out of the configuration in various cuts, but you'd not much notice it unless you were reading the liner notes, as famed guitar cat Mike Zito, the CD's producer, knows how to set everyone's ace cards on satin—torn, whiskey-soaked, tear-stained satin but smooth and beckoning despite.

I think I'd place this CD somewhere between a funky Heart and Savoy Brown, and the swatches of psychedelic leadplay, as in the middle eight to "Leaving Chicago" and elsewhere, are droolingly promising as portents of more to come, recalling an earlier day of headier improv in the old Chicago-based style or distant echoes of when Snuffy Walden was first cranking up Stray Dog. The real emphasis, though, is on songs, as Are You Ready illustrates in spades, and this young outfit, should it remain intact through the vicissitudes of the business, is going places.

Track List:

  • Bitch (Jagger / Richards)
  • Satisfy my Soul (Cassie Taylor)
  • Mr. Loving Man (Dani Wilde)
  • We Ain't Gonna Get Out Alive
  • Reason to Stay (Dani Wilde)
  • Get Back (Wilde / Fish / Taylor)
  • Come on Home (Samantha Fish)
  • Leaving Chicago (Cassie Taylor)
  • Wait a Minute (Samantha Fish)
  • Move On (Cassie Taylor)
  • Are You Ready (Dani Wilde)
  • Jet Airliner (Paul Pena)

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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