FAME Review: Andrea Stray - Vacancy
Andrea Stray - Vacancy


Andrea Stray

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

The front photo sums up the tone of this disc. For the record the photo was done by Ms Stray one day in Tucson as she just happened by, and the clouds were right. She is an excellent photographer as many of the other photos are hers. The photo is dark and stark, reminiscent of the murky western films such as El Topo or early Clint Eastwood westerns; that is at times stark and at times lush with sound. Sound confusing, well no more so than day-to-day life. There is no getting around it, but the sound, make that the feel of the disc is very much like Lucinda Williams or the Cowboy Junkies, so there will be comparisons, and you might throw in Charles Bukowski and maybe even Edgar Allan Poe. This is a disc that will sit well with fans of Lucinda, as Andrea too has a definite and delicate touch with the writing of her songs.

There are ten songs on the disc and Andrea wrote all of them. She handled the production duties as well, though co-producers Bobby Holland and Tim Grogan assisted her. The sound quality is excellent, the playing very often mimics the singing style; the slight bending of the lyrics is mimicked by the lead guitar work of Coleman Murphy and Mike Waldron. In fact all the players here are in good sync and do a very good job maintaining the feel and overtones of Ms Stay's songs. When asked why she didn't play an instrument on the disc, since she plays guitar and piano, she said that she was just so happy with what was coming from the musicians she didn't want to disrupt it. It is a great artist and understanding person who knows when to stay out of the way. A wonderfully moody and atmospheric disc that shows off Andrea Stray's many talents.

Track List:

  • Vacancy
  • You Shot Me
  • Desert Rain
  • Take It
  • The Devil Next to You
  • Damaged
  • Nothing New
  • Stumbling
  • Whiskey Lie
  • Tastes like a Heartache
All songs by Andrea Stray

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2011, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
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