FAME Review: Lisa Morales - Beautiful Mistake
Lisa Morales - Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

Lisa Morales

Available from Lisa Morales' web site.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

The Sisters Morales forged a strong reputation as a band that could incorporate their Hispanic heritage in with contemporary Rock and Roll, and still rock as hard as anyone when it was called for. Roberta and Lisa wrote songs that reflected the emotional times they were going through and showed the strength and touch that they were raised with. Most of the songs seemed to be the work of one of the women or the other, rarely collaboration. There was some recent turmoil in their lives as their mother recently passed on, and this caused Lisa to review the life she was living. She took a long look at life and these songs reflect that. She has recently been writing songs for others such as Hayes Carll and Clay Blaker.

Beautiful Mistake contains some of Lisa Morales' most open songs as far as emotion is concerned, yet at the same time it is a vulnerability that has the strength and resolve of a person who has gone deep within to find this openness. She and producer, and longtime friend, Michael "Cornbread" Traylor, assembled an admirable cast of fine musicians to play on this disc and in return received some wonderful renditions of these songs. A few of the musicians include Traylor on bass and guitar; Scrappy Jud Newcomb on dobro and electric guitar; and Walt Wilkins vocals on a couple of songs. And to those of you wondering this does not mean the Sisters Morales have broken up, the answer is, no. It is just that Lisa took a look and decided to step out on her own.

Track List:

  • I am the Weakest
  • Fool That I am
  • I Dont Want To Hear What You Have To Say
  • I Cant Stop Thinking
  • You Forgot to Love Me
  • They're Gone
  • Beautiful Mistake
  • Drivin' and Cryin'
  • Looking for Something Beautiful
  • Learn How to Pray
  • I Wanna Be in Love
  • This Hearts for Sale

Edited by: David N. Pyles


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