FAME Review: John Lefebvre - Initial Album
John Lefebvre - Initial Album

Initial Album

John Lefebvre

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

This is a very unusual double disc first album by this self-proclaimed eco-troubadour, who has enlisted an absolutely killer cast of musicians to aid this project. Brian Ahern (Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash) is the producer, and the band consists of drummer extraordinaire Jim Keltner, slide guitarist Greg Leisz, bassist James 'Hutch" Hutchinson, and keyboardists Patrick Warren and Bill Payne, with Dean Parks on guitars, a truly stellar line-up. The songs are basically about conservation and doing our part in being friendlier to the planet. Mr. Lefebvre wrote all the songs and they have titles such as Juice, Life on Earth, and Go Go Green; and even the songs that don't have such obviously 'green' titles are about doing our part to save the planet. All of this eco friendliness raised expectations (those damned expectations always lead to disaster) that perhaps there would be some revolutionary new packaging, but alas a cardboard box and a couple of sleeves to keep the discs safe and a beautiful 28 page booklet in full color with all the words to the songs and a few two page color photos that are really quite nice.

Then there is the music, again it may be that the demon expectations again raise their head with this all-star cast assembled. For the most part it is very dirge like music, beautifully played and excellently presented but a double album of songs that would be quite fit to play at a funeral. And then the is the children's song reworked to become Tea, it merely raises the question, "Why?" The songs as stated are mostly about raising consciousness about what we can do for the planet but in the way they are presented it does not hold out much hope for the planet. Then there is his voice that reminds me of someone singing that was just dumped by his long time love. I hate being this negative about a disc but I have to tell the truth about how it struck me. Perhaps it was the expectations, and please remember that a review is merely the reviewers opinion.

Track List:

Disc OneDisc Two
  • Come See Me
  • Go Go Green
  • Plan It
  • The Pearl
  • Life on Earth
  • Juice
  • Lee
  • Mais Oui
  • Mountain
  • Emily, There are No Words
  • When You're Young
  • Sea Saw
  • Sonata
  • Tea
  • I Won't
  • The Snake
  • Theme
  • Song Title

Edited by: David N. Pyles


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