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FAME Review: Terri Hendrix - Cry Till You Laugh
Terri Hendrix - Cry Till You Laugh

Cry Till You Laugh

Terri Hendrix

Wilory Records - WR30012

Available from Wilory Records online store.

A review written for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Terri Hendrix, extremely versatile and eclectic San Antonio native, has put together a record that is very similar to her live shows, grab a tune from here, pull in another song from this genre, and then go over in this direction for something different, though unrelated, the songs dovetail into a whole that shows their relationships more clearly. She pulls together 15 songs here, 12 of which she wrote or co-wrote, that when listened to are a whole and show influences that run from Rodney Crowell to Sonny Terry to Simon and Garfunkel to the swinging French Jazz of Edith Piaf. She stretches her vocal challenges, or maybe she is just now revealing these talents and several new sides of her vocal capabilities to us. This is a disc that deserves some careful listening and is filled with the joy she dispenses just in making music.

She is joined here by her long time main collaborator Lloyd Maines, multi-instrumentalist, there is a count of eleven different instruments he plays here and he contributes harmony vocals, in addition he co-wrote five of the tunes, and he produced the disc. With the release of Cry Till You Laugh any stereotypes about what type of musician Terri Hendrix is can be dispelled because on this one she destroys all stereotypes and lets her muses lead her where they may and she is more than up to the challenges they throw at her. She shows her true colors as she moves effortlessly through country, blues, folk, jazz, swing and probably a few I have forgotten to mention. They have assembled a cast of supporting musicians that are more than up to the task; Glenn Fukunaga helps with bass and ukulele and Riley Osbourn, on piano and keyboards are just two of them that add to the joy on this disc.

Track List:

  • Wail Theory (Dorothy Parker / Terr Hendeix)
  • Slow Down (Terri Hendrix / Lloyd Maines)
  • Automatic (Jon Michaels Somier)
  • Hand Me Down Blues
  • Roll On
  • Einstein's Brain
  • You Belong In New Orleans (Ike Eichenberg)
  • Sometimes (Hendrix / Maines)
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Hand Me Down Blues Reprise (Hendrix / Maines)
  • 1000 Times (Hendrix / Maines)
  • Hula Mary (Hendrix / Maines)
  • Come Tomorrow
  • Whatachoice
  • Take Me Places (Ike Eichenberg)
All songs by Terri Hendrix except as noted.
Produced by Lloyd Maines.

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2010, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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